• Plate Girder
    Heavy-duty, self-spanning forming system Ideal for bridge, stadium, marine, power plant, and high-rise concrete construction

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  • Redi-Radius
    Heavy-duty adjustable radius forming system - Can adjust to any radius without additional pieces, parts or angles

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    The complete lightweight forming system - Reduce your crane size and costs while increasing productivity

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  • E-Z DECK
    Decking and shoring system - Made with engineered efficiency, simple mechanics, and amazing flexibility

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    Multi-purpose handset shoring system - Single-post handset shoring system for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs

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Another New Forming Solution From EFCO

 New scaffolding accessories utilizing EFCO E-BEAMs

scaffold-brkts-home-sideEFCO is pleased to announce a new line of accessories for scaffold and guard rail supports. The new accessories are designed for EFCO E-BEAM® and plywood scaffold.

There are several advantages when using EFCO E-BEAMs and plywood in place of scaffold planks. When using EFCO E-BEAMs, supports may be extended beyond 8′ (2400 mm) and, in some applications, up to 12′ (3600 mm). Also, EFCO E-BEAMs can be cantilevered to build scaffolding around outside corners.



LBJ Express Continues to Take Shape

PG-BRIDGE-SP14-TRINITY-2Everything is Bigger in Texas.

Some consider the LBJ Express project in Dallas, Texas to be the largest bridge and road project in the United States, and when you consider some of the project statistics, it would be difficult to disagree.

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