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  Moving From the Past to the Future

construction safety

You might often hear the phrase, “Safety is Everyone's Job”, and it's true. Safety is everyone's job - yours, mine, your Project Manager, the EFCO Engineer that stamped your form erection drawings, and the guy swinging the hammer next to you, it's his job as well to make sure that you get home to your family tonight. Organizations all over the world are dedicated to jobsite safety, guidelines and rules; best methods have been established in an effort to first identify and then eliminate potential risk on the jobsite. No longer are the days of carefree lunch breaks, dangling hundreds of feet off the ground - there is just too much at stake to take the risk.

An Exchange of Values
Successful companies work diligently at developing processes. Their primary objective is to identify hazards and risks, perform risk assessments, and develop methods that eliminate danger. It is an exchange of value that we are obligated to exercise in order to keep our coworkers and ourselves alive and well. At EFCO, we work hard to identify, develop, and deliver products that are safe, and create timesaving processes so that our customer is productive while using them. You can then incorporate these tools and processes into the daily routines of your crew.

Our employees at EFCO are our most valuable assets and we believe that you share the same relationship with your employees. EFCO's vision includes a commitment to safety on the jobsite that goes beyond the warning labels, notes, and instructions that are placed on our products and drawings. This commitment is emphasized in several different ways:

Safety Award Program
In 1996 EFCO began selecting a contractor and project who is demonstrating an increased level of safety on the jobsite and at the same time maintaining high productivity levels and awarding them with an EFCO Safety Award. Special recognition is given to our safety recipients and their project is spotlighted in an issue of FORM MARKS magazine. We have been pleased to recognize over 50 contractors and their projects.

The EFCO Concrete Construction & Forming Institute
EFCO opened the doors to this state-of-the-art training facility in September 2002. Dedicated to training the construction industry in the safe assembly and cycle of multiple EFCO forming systems and applications, your crew can receive hands-on valuable training on EFCO equipment before it hits the jobsite. Since the dedication of the Institute, EFCO has hosted over 400 visits from different companies all over the world who brought their construction managers, engineers, estimators, supervisors, and crewmembers for training.

It is a fact; we at EFCO work hard to prevent accidents when designing your forming solutions. Some potential accidents are easy to spot - walking under a suspended crane load or off the end of a scaffold are obvious examples. However, did you know that a liquid head of concrete is an excellent example of stored energy? Placing concrete faster than the specified rate is a risky and dangerous mistake but can be controlled completely with knowledge and attention to safety. New concrete additives and mixes have exacerbated the problem.

Tool Box Safety & Training Videos
The term Toolbox Talk is not a new one. The OSHA website is full of subjects in PDF format that enable anyone to download and print. Subjects range from working with overhead power lines to heat exhaustion to safely pumping concrete. EFCO can be part of your Toolbox Safety Talk strategy with new step-by-step animated videos for your crew to view.

These videos focus on the safe and efficient assembly and cycling of EFCO equipment, while also demonstrating the processes for reaching high levels of productivity for your crew. What's better is that EFCO's Field Supervisors bring the Toolbox Talk to you and your crew and these videos can be viewed in your own jobsite trailer. Using our 34" plasma TV with built-in DVD players, we offer to gather with your crew to fulfill the 15-minute weekly Tool Box Safety Talk. The purpose of our Safety and Training videos is not only to show the crew the methods of assembly and cycling, but also to get the crew thinking and discussing many aspects of safety specific to your jobsite. We now have eight Assembly, Cycling and Safety training videos in our library.

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We are working very aggressively on the completion of more training videos to add to this library and encourage you to take full advantage of our offer to have EFCO Field Supervisors deliver these presentations during your next Safety Tool Box Meeting. Also, think about contacting your EFCO Territory Manager to schedule a visit to EFCO's Concrete Construction and Forming Institute.

It's easier to understand what could have been done differently after an accident, but we'd all agree that our focus needs to be proactive concerning safe practices before an accident happens.

By Dave Whipple, EFCO Field Operations Manager

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