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You might often hear the phrase, “Safety is Everyone's Job”, and it's true. Safety is everyone's job - yours, mine, your Project Manager, the EFCO Engineer that stamped your form erection drawings, and the guy swinging the hammer...
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EFCO Concrete Construction and Forming Institute

EFCO Concrete Construction & Forming Institute

EFCO’s Concrete Construction and Forming Institute is a 45,000 square ft. Education Center complete with a full-scale Demonstration Bay for hands-on learning opportunities‚ a 100 seat Auditorium where presentations can be viewed on a large-scale projection screen‚ and “Formation Hall” illustrating EFCO’s history and giving visitors the opportunity to relax and share conversations with other professionals in the industry.

concrete construction history formation hall EFCO's Formation Hall

concrete form training Training in Construction Hall

This facility is designed to promote learning in all areas of concrete construction: formwork‚ shoring‚ proactive safety‚ concrete mixes‚ additives and pressures‚ innovative technologies and techniques. The Institute offers the opportunity to cycle live production forming setups. These are full size setups that can be moved with on-site cranes and forklifts. It works for those interested in “let's see it operate” to “train form cycling crews”.

The EFCO Concrete Construction and Forming Institute is for people in the business of concrete construction — you! Our staff will custom build and program your visit to your interests and needs. While visiting the institute‚ you can also tour EFCO’s half-million square-foot form factory and regional distribution center.

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Concrete Forming, Decking, and Shoring Systems

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