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Single Post Shoring Formwork

EFCO: EFCO DECK, shoring, Formwork, decking
EFCO: EFCO DECK, shoring, Formwork, decking
EFCO: EFCO DECK, shoring, Formwork, decking

> The EFCO DECK handset shoring system complements EFCO's ADJUST-A-TRUSS and ADJUST-A-DECK systems for cycling large deck panel systems floor-to-floor with a crane. The EFCO DECK is a good solution to handle slab construction where flying tables are not practical or, in some cases, not allowed. All components are made of high strength galvanized steel and aluminum. This provides a lightweight and durable system that requires little or no clean-up between uses. With trained crews and pre-planning, the EFCO DECK System is the best solution for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs.


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