EFCO Building for the Future

Engineering & Field Service for EFCO Customers

The name EFCO is an abbreviation for Economy Forms Company and since 1936, a corporation! The fact is Economy Forms were not necessarily the “Economy brand” cheapest forms on the market but known for delivering the lowest cost, in-place structural concrete construction. It is interesting to note, Economy Forms Company rose out of the depths of the Great Depression in 1934 with a new-to-the-world 30″ x 30″ all-steel handset panel forming system and for the first 20 years only rented the forms.

EFCO is recognized today first and foremost in the concrete construction industry for delivering quality steel face sheet forms designed and manufactured to deliver in-place architectural concrete at the lowest in-place labor cost. Our company, with its great reputation, has continued to develop and evolve with the industry through the 8+ decades—now 84 years—by teams of highly qualified engineers and field service personnel unmatched in the industry to support our EFCO customers.

EFCO’s Research and Development (R&D) Team is again on the move with new and even better products supporting continuing successes for our customers. The latest is the POWER TOWER® PT-100 self-climbing system for highrise construction. On its heels, EFCO’s new Single-Sided Wall Truss system and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

EFCO is a family business now moving forward with its fourth generation, not all with the same last name Jennings, but all with the same good traits of a good education, hard work, and dedication. The EFCO family business employee participants include descendants of EFCO’s founder, W. A. Jennings, as well as other employee families.

We have some families, as an example, with two generations, Scott McCracken and Bob McCracken, both graduate engineers who made remarkable, patented, contributions and spent their full working careers at EFCO. We have a number of families with two and three generations of a number of professions throughout the company. For additional stability and commitment, EFCO is also an employee-owned company. The EFCO employee dedication, pride, and passion that comes with ownership and generations of family legacy cannot be beat.

Construction labor cost concerns for contractors continues to grow and grow with time. The youngest generation of construction workers is getting tough to find and train for good help, resulting in higher labor costs. The selection of the best available forming and shoring equipment to use has become even more important. This makes it pay to identify, engage, and partner with a company with strong engineering and field service personnel striving for and dedicated to being the best in the business as we are here at EFCO.

Whether it be an apprenticeship, a college education or jobsite project experience, it is all very important for real success in the concrete construction industry. Building and capitalizing on “industry-available knowledge” can also be a very helpful support and EFCO can be and wants to be part of it.

Who has ever heard of or even visited EFCO’s Concrete Construction & Forming Institute? Well, it is all part of the “live and learn” process and we at EFCO invite you to be a part of the process. At this point you might say, “Where is this institute training center?” Well, it is in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, connected to 22 cities with 90 daily nonstop flights and most of these 22 cities have nonstop flights to connect to the rest of the world. If you are part of corporate management for your company and think with an EFCO institute visit you may have an employee or employees going on a vacation in Iowa to visit EFCO, think about it. We do not have any mountains to climb or oceans to swim in; it is just work, work, work. For your planned scheduled visit, we will have a special agenda to fit your company’s interests, employee needs, and projects.

EFCO’s training center institute is connected to our 45,000 square foot home office building by a high road walkway bridge. This is figuratively linking our corporate home office with education.

The EFCO institute features a Formation Hall and Construction Hall, along with an auditorium and three meeting rooms named gold, silver, and bronze.

Contact your local EFCO sales territory manager and/or district manager to schedule a trip to EFCO’s Concrete Construction & Forming Institute. We are looking for you and would love to have you visit.


Al Jennings

Chairman and CEO