Why choose EFCO LITE for column formwork?

For highrise buildings, the EFCO LITE system can be customized to meet the needs for specific requirements. Repetitious columns with intersecting spandrel beams can be formed very efficiently. EFCO LITE custom column and beam applications include apartment buildings, office complexes, and highrise hotels.

What are the standard widths available in EFCO LITE column forms?

EFCO LITE column forms are available in three standard widths to handle columns 10″ X 10″ to 30″ X 30″ and all the rectangular combinations in between. As an example, a 30/24 column form can be used to form columns 24, 26, 28 and 30 inches. All with one standard column panel.

What are the heights available in EFCO LITE column forms?

Varying heights are achieved with different panel heights of 8′, 4′, 2′ and 1′.

What is the pour pressure for EFCO LITE column forms?

EFCO LITE Column forming system has a 2,000 lb. per sq. ft. pour pressure.

What kind of support will be provided when I use EFCO formwork?

EFCO’s engineers and drafters work to design a system tailored to fit your project. Add to this the support of EFCO’s Territory Manager and Field Supervisors dedicated to job site support and you have a total package. EFCO is dedicated to delivering the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs.

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EFCO's Column Formwork - EFCO LITE

EFCO’s Column Formwork – EFCO LITE


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