Round Column®

Why choose Round Rolumn Formwork?

EFCO all-steel Round Column forms are available for purchase or lease. The forming system produces beautiful concrete columns, pillars and bridge piers. Forms are designed for long life, dependable service, and for producing the lowest total in-place concrete costs.

What are the sizes available for EFCO’s Round Column Formwork?

EFCO Round Column forms are available in 12″ to 144″ diameters. Forms 48″ and smaller are supplied in 180° segments. Forms 54″ to 96″ are available in 90° segments. Larger diameters are furnished in 60° segments.

Is Round Column Formwork compatible with other EFCO products?

The Round Column forms can be combined easily with EFCO PLATE GIRDER® forms to handle bullnose pier requirements easily and efficiently. In addition, EFCO Column forms can be used and are compatible with EFCO systems such as Plate Girder®, EFCO LITE®, HAND-E-FORM® and the REDI-RADIUS® system.

What are the accessories for Round Column Formwork?

The EFCO Round Column forming system uses standard EFCO heavy-duty accessories. EFCO telescoping Pipe Braces are easily adjustable to keep column forms plumb. Scaffold Brackets can be attached easily to the top of the steel form set-up for contractor’s wood planks and handrails. EFCO’s Jet Bolts and high-strength Quick Bolts are used to assemble round column panels easily. Form stripping is facilitated in full 360° set-ups with split washers placed between the vertical flanges for the stripping operation. When setting up to pour, the split washers are removed from between the flanges and placed under the nuts on the backside of the flange. Lifting Eyes are located on each section of the form to eliminate the need for special rigging. The total EFCO Round Column form system is very labor efficient.

Can Round Column handle high pour pressure?

With today’s concrete additives for flowable or self-consolidating concrete, contractors need forms that withstand high pour pressure. EFCO Round Column forms are rated for 3,000 lb/ft2 for column forms 12″ through 60″ diameter.

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EFCO's Round Column Formwork

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