Ganged Wall Formwork

Why choose EFCO Ganged Wall Formwork?

EFCO forms are designed and built for setting and flying in large sections. With the shear Quick Bolt and Quick Pin, panels to panels, large sections, as large as you can crane it, can be moved with each pick.

How can I get faster cycling times with my EFCO forms?

The combination of the EFCO Quick Bolt and the EFCO Quick Pin is ganged situations results in less labor and faster cycling of forms. The larger the panels, the fewer form panels joints to make up and handle with each pour. EFCO’s large gang forming panel size are only limited by the project and the crane. This results in less labor, less crane time and faster job progress.

MGC Contractors using EFCO REDI-RADIUS wall forms and Round Column forms.
Radius Wall Formwork

Waste Water Treatment Plant, Clinton, Iowa

Ply-Faced Wall Formwork