Why choose the PLATE GIRDER System for a large panel gang wall?

The EFCO PLATE GIRDER® forming system makes an excellent wall form. EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER forms are designed and built for setting and flying in large sections. Using EFCO’s Quick Bolt and Quick Pin, PLATE GIRDER panels can be assembled into gangs as large as your crane capacity. The system features modular versatility and produces an excellent concrete finish.

Can you climb PLATE GIRDER wall formwork?

The EFCO Z-RIB design lets you climb the forms with appropriate safety equipment without the need of a ladder. The Z-RIBS on 1-foot centers give you a structurally sound form with minimum deflection. Z-RIB design and placement helps to keep the face sheet flat. Turn the Z-RIB leg up and you have an easy hand and foothold to work from. The Z-RIB is also an excellent retainer for Rugged Tie assemblies and other accessories between pours and when flying forms.

What will the concrete finish look like after using EFCO formwork?

EFCO’s all-steel forms produce amazing high-quality concrete finishes. Where EFCO’s high-strength alloy steel form face sheets run clear to the edge of every form panel, you only get one, single sharp line marking the form joint in the concrete. EFCO steel forms can deliver dimensionally accurate structures with superior concrete finishes.

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Wall Panel Gang Formwork System – EFCO PLATE GIRDER

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