Why Choose SUPER STUD® & E-BEAM®?

The EFCO E-BEAM & SUPER STUD wall forming system is a lower cost alternative to traditional formwork and offers an excellent list of features that are unmatched in the industry. The system is lightweight for use with smaller cranes, versatile and very flexible and with up to a 30 kip per tie load capacity. The system minimizes the amount of ties required when compared to panelized systems of similar weight.

What are the ADVANTAGES of using SUPER STUD & E-BEAM over lumber?

A major advantage of using the E-BEAM & SUPER STUD system is the strength of the corners. Typically, the most time consuming and costly element of forming any structure will involve the corners. Any experienced crew can build an inside corner using lumber, however, they are generally not fabricated to be cycled along with the main wall forming gang panels. The outside corners are a more complicated situation. Ties are located far apart, and it becomes more difficult to secure the formwork within the wall thickness requiring a sturdy form to span from the nearest tie to the outside corner. EFCO has designed both an inside and outside corner solution that provides strength and eliminates the risk of costly blow-out situations. Furthermore, the corner can be cycled with the wall gang.

Can I use SUPER STUD & E-BEAM with other EFCO products and accessories?

The E-BEAM & SUPER STUD wall forming system uses standard EFCO accessories, and when needed can be used with all other EFCO wall systems such as PLATE GIRDER® and EFCO LITE®.

3D Image

Ply-Faced Wall Formwork – EFCO SUPER STUD & E-BEAM

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