Why Choose Handset Radius Formwork for my round tank or curved walls?

Round tanks and curved walls are an excellent application for EFCO’s HAND-E-FORM system. Standard HAND-E-FORM panels used with HAND-E-FORM flexible panels will form the required radius. The size of the standard panel will vary according to the radius and amount of chord allowed.

What is the first step to form a round tank with HAND-E-FORM?

The first step to form a round tank is planning your work. An engineer can calculate the inside and outside circumference of tank walls. The second step is to select the standard panel module for the tank depending on the allowable chord dimension. Most tanks are formed with a 24″ chord but sometimes a smaller tank requires a 16″ or 12″ panel. Some very large tanks may use a 48″ chord.
The normal assumption is that a 2″ flexible panel will be used between each 24″ modular panel on the inside of the wall. Completing the outside plating plan requires using wider flex panels in order to make up the difference in the circumference of the inside and outside of the tank.

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Handset radius formwork - HAND-E-FORM

Handset Radius Formwork – HAND-E-FORM



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