Why Choose the Heavy Duty Radius Formwork for my circular or curved walls?

When there are multiple diameters required for a project, EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS system can be adjusted to any radius with very little labor required. Shaping tables, either convex or concave, are used to adjust REDI-RADIUS panels.

Can I get my panels shaped for me?

REDI-RADIUS panels can also be preshaped to required specifications at EFCO’s warehouse, and then shipped to your jobsite.

How do I shape the REDI-RADIUS panels?

The 6 1/2″ deep heavy-duty flange on REDI-RADIUS form panels allows you to assemble panels into large rigid gang sections without stiffbacks, aligners or walers. Watch our YouTube Video on how to form a REDI-RADIUS shaping table.

How do I prevent my ties from interfering with my waterstops?

Waterstops Are No Problem When You Cantilever the REDI-RADIUS® Form. The 2′-0″ rib REDI-RADIUS form can be used in a cantilevered configuration on a radius wall to avoid problems with ties interfering with waterstops or any other bottom of the wall obstructions. The 2′-0″ rib form can also cantilever at the top of the form set-up to avoid any obstruction or obstacles encountered at the top of a radius wall set-up.
can you use inspection windows on redi-radius?
When a project and or an engineer’s specifications require “Pour Window access” to a form set-up, EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS® forming system has the answer. The windows are hinged for easy access, saving time and labor. Each window is approximately 2′ square and is infinitely adjustable to match the radius of the REDI-RADIUS® form set-up.

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EFCO’s Radius Wall Formwork – REDI-RADIUS

Learn how to make a REDI-RADIUS Shaping Table

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