Self-Climbing Formwork - POWER TOWER 100 ● PT-100

Why Choose EFCO’s Self-Climbing Formwork?

POWER TOWER 100 is a self-climbing systems meeting an increasing demand for independent solutions that can raise formwork vertically without relying on the use of cranes for repetitious vertical lifts. EFCO POWER TOWER 100 is a hydraulic lifting system designed to self-raise concrete formwork including concrete pumps, freeing the crane and valuable “hook-time” for other construction operations.

When can I use EFCO’s POWER TOWER 100 ● PT-100 System?

POWER TOWER PT-100 is for elevator and stair core walls. POWER TOWER 100 is a single long-stroke cylinder with a computerized self leveling system. PT-100 has twice the support and lift capacity of the EFCO PT-50 system.

Can I combine the POWER TOWER 100 ● PT-100 System with other EFCO equipment?

When used with the high-strength alloy all-steel EFCO PLATE GIRDER forming system, the combined strength of the form system and the POWER TOWER PT-100 will regularly result in fewer lifters, fewer ties and fewer overhead support beams. The single-line form joint of the EFCO PLATE GIRDER is a preferred choice over the triple-line joints experienced with competitive systems.

What is the capacity of EFCO’s POWER TOWER 100 ● PT-100 System?

The EFCO POWER TOWER PT-100 with its 100,000 lb (445 kN) lock-off support capacity and 90,000 lb (400 kN) lift capacity can require fewer frames over competitive lower capacity systems. When selecting a system, one must always consider the quality architectural concrete finish the EFCO all-steel face sheets deliver pour after pour and, even more important, the reduced labor requirements for the self-climbing POWER TOWER PT-100 lifting system.

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EFCO’s Self-Climbing Formwork – POWER TOWER 100 ● PT-100

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