Self-Climbing Formwork POWER TOWER 50 ● PT-50

Why Choose EFCO’s Self-Climbing formwork, POWER TOWER 50?

POWER TOWER PT-50 is a powerful hydraulic system that provides ample lifting capacity along with an inherent ability to minimize the possibility of overload situations. The end result is a robust and safe system that meets the demands of the construction industry. The EFCO POWER TOWER PT-50 is flexible for various situations with high-load capacity, easy of use, and is a simple, safe, self-climbing system.

Is PT-50 compatible with other EFCO equipment?

The POWER TOWER PT-50 and the combined strength of the PLATE GIRDER form system will regularly result in fewer lifters or overhead support beams. Additionally the all-steel form system will deliver, The best and consistent concrete finish, guaranteed dimensional correctness, fewer work points and larger tie spacing.

What is the capacity of EFCO POWER TOWER ● PT-50 System?

The EFCO POWER TOWER PT-50 with its 50,000 lb (222 kN) lock-off capacity and 35,000 lb (156 kN) lift capacity can require fewer frames over competitive lower capacity systems. When selecting a system, one must always consider the quality concrete finish all EFCO all-steel face sheets deliver pour after pour and, even more important, the reduced labor requirements for the self-climbing POWER TOWER PT-50 lifting system.

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Self-Climbing System - POWER TOWER 50 ● PT-50

Self-Climbing System – POWER TOWER 50 ● PT-50

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