Aluminum Gangset Shoring

Why choose E-Z DECK® for ganged Shoring?

The E-Z DECK® system combines three important components to deliver a complete deck system. These are the E-BEAM®, Z-BEAM®, and the E-Z SHORE®. These components have been designed and engineered to fly and move together in large modular units.

What kind of flexibility will I have with the E-Z DECK Shoring System?

Using all the standard components, the E-Z DECK system has amazing flexibility. Top the E-Z SHORE and Z-BEAM stringer with EFCO’s all-steel galvanized E-BEAM to support a plywood deck. With the EFCO Z-BEAM serving as stringers and the E-BEAM as joists, they can both be extended beyond a supporting E-Z SHORE four or more legged module and cantilevered to support an even larger plywood deck. This gives real flexibility to easily fit almost all jobs and varying dimensions.

Will the E-Z DECK Shoring System shorten my cycle time to save me time and money?

EFCO’s E-Z DECK system is designed to dramatically reduce labor costs and, at the same time, shorten construction cycle times. E-Z DECK modular units are assembled on the ground and tilted upright or mechanically lifted into place. The shore framing components are aluminum with the advantage of hollow tube fast thread plated steel screw jacks. Each shoring leg has a capacity up to 28 kips. Shoring legs can be spaced anywhere from 4’ x 4’ to 10’ x 10’ and rectangular modules in between.
This all spells fewer shores, fewer panels, and overall a net fewer components. The result is less assembly and disassembly time and, even more important, larger module movements between pours. EFCO’s E-Z DECK offers engineered efficiency, simple mechanics, and amazing flexibility.

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EFCO’s E-Z DECK Shoring System

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