Remote Controlled Hydraulics – Los Angeles, California

One Core Level Poured every three days

The Park 5th Project in downtown Los Angeles, California is one of the first to be constructed using EFCO’s new POWER TOWER® PT-100 system. The project is a 27-story residential highrise with two cores. The new PT-100 self-climbing lifter system and EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER® formwork were used to form the cores. Largo is a long-time user of EFCO formwork and a major player in the Los Angeles market. To meet their aggressive schedule, Largo needed to make two pours per week. They did this by pouring one core level with half of the deck every three days.

Assembled off site
One of the major challenges during assembly was the lack of lay-down space on site. In order to deliver equipment quickly and efficiently, pieces were pre-built off-site at Largo’s yard in Colton, California. EFCO field service worked with Largo’s crew to pre-build the work decks, overhead beam and girder assemblies so they could be flown off the delivery trucks and onto the self-climbing POWER TOWER® assemblies.

Top of assembly Used as Staging area
Largo took advantage of the PT-100 system’s ability to support 90,000 lb (400 kN) climbing/100,000 lb (445 kN) locked-off lifting capabilities by installing a pair of “column corrals.” The corrals were used to store column forms that were staged on top of the West Core tower assembly in between deck pours. This technique opened up valuable deck space.

Multiple Control Options
Largo enjoyed the versatility of the lifting controls for the system depending on their needs. They were able to run the lift from the computer on the +1 deck or from the wireless pendant control at any level. The project has multiple story heights, making the PT-100’s 16′ (4.9 m)maximum stroke advantageous.