Why Trust Anyone Else?

Safe and efficient concrete forming and shoring equipment allow your team to bring the project vision to life. We work to find a solution to fit the needs of any project. Our formwork, dedicated field service support, and highly engineered drawings are just a few reasons we have become one of the leading choices for concrete formwork worldwide. You dream it, and we will provide solutions for you to form it and live it!

EFCO Field Support Team

Dedicated EFCO Support

Engineering and Field Service Experts

With second-to-none engineering and field service support in the concrete forming industry, you will always have an expert available to help stage equipment and explain assembly. Your engineering team will develop assembly and erection plans to meet your job site requirements. We will optimize products to provide you with the lowest in-place concrete cost to ensure your success on the job site.

Efficient Formwork Solution

EFCO Engineers will prepare, plan and communicate drawings and calculations to provide an efficient solution to your needs. If needed, an EFCO field supervisor can provide hands-on training on the job site to provide you with any additional training your crew may need.

Optimizing Transportation to Reduce Costs

The EFCO plant manager will be available as your point of contact for the duration of your project to optimize transportation and reduce costs for your project.

EFCO Engineering - Hard Hat

Engineered Formwork Drawings

Formwork Solutions

Our technical drawings accurately depict all components of the shoring and formwork systems. These easy-to-understand blueprints serve as helpful resources, giving a clear view of real-life applications. EFCO is a leader in providing innovative formwork and shoring solutions to provide you with the lowest in-place concrete cost.

Need Advice on a project?

We have formwork and shoring solution experts to support you in all construction areas – from infrastructures and power plants to highrises and industrial buildings. You can dream it. We can help you build it! Choose from formwork systems, components, safety solutions, and services for all your concrete construction project requirements.

EFCO Formwork - Safety Focused Team

Safety Focused Team

All of our forming and shoring systems are intentionally designed for easy assembly and progression throughout the project. This improves both the safety and productivity of your team. Thanks to efficient, easy-to-use formwork, we offer the lowest in-place concrete cost in the industry.

EFCO Training Institute Building

EFCO Concrete Construction and Forming Institute

Since EFCO opened the doors to the Concrete Construction and Forming Institute in 2002, we’ve had over 5,600 people from over 900 companies make their way through our state-of-the-art education and training facility. This includes working with our customers to demonstrate how to effectively and safely use our products and providing hands-on learning for your team.  We have the facilities to demonstrate how our products are made and how they are used in the field.

Formwork and Shoring Equipment

Learn about our wide range of versatile formwork and shoring equipment ready to meet contractors’ needs in any concrete construction application.

EFCO Bridge Formwork
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Formwork Solutions

Partner with EFCO to choose the best formwork for your projects. Find forming solutions from handset formwork to hydraulically lifted self-climbing formwork and everything in-between.

Shoring Icon - gold

Shoring Products

Our highly versatile shoring products are known for their simplicity & strength. Learn more about our shoring systems to support your project from start to finish. 


Supporting Concrete Projects

Our formwork and shoring systems are used in a variety of concrete construction projects throughout the world. Take a look at some of our previous work.


If you want to work for a company that is dedicated to your development and growth, check out the available openings with EFCO.


EFCO Formwork at Duportail/Stevens Corridor Development - Richland, Washington