History of EFCO

Our founder, W.A. Jennings led a legacy of engineering achievements beginning in 1934 with more than 25 patents. Mr. Jennings and his three sons proudly displayed an entrepreneurial vision and passion that excited investors and employees alike. We now recognize this vision as our core ideology: provide customers with the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs.

In 1937, EFCO opened the home facility at 4301 Northeast 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa where Economy Forms were manufactured and sold. The location was the home office of Economy Forms for 55 years until, in 1992, EFCO moved into the EFCO Center on Broadway, just minutes away in Des Moines.

Today, EFCO’s engineering base is far broader, as it consists of some of the best engineers worldwide. We are proud to be known for our innovation and inventive engineered solutions for concrete support and forming construction.

Why Choose EFCO?

The team at EFCO believes in rising to a challenge, creating a vision, and providing a solution. We believe in dedication, hard work, and a job well done. We believe in superior service, strong relationships and building lasting impressions. 

Concrete Construction Solutions

Our passion lies in helping those responsible for the construction of the world’s concrete structures with a safe, reliable, productive and cost efficient concrete formwork solution. We do this by engineering, designing, manufacturing, supplying, and field-servicing formwork and elevated slab shoring systems for concrete construction. The total package is backed by decades of experience and a team of concrete formwork professionals dedicated towards the successful completion of your concrete construction  project. 


The products manufactured by EFCO are safe, simple to use, rugged, and durable. They are designed to form concrete into many shapes, sizes, or configurations. EFCO formwork is designed to exceed the expectations of its users. We have long been the first choice of contractors eager to get the job done safely, profitably and ahead of schedule.


When selecting your concrete formwork supplier, the most important factor is not the initial cost of the equipment. You, the customer, must always evaluate the total package which includes: 

  • Initial cost to rent or purchase 
  • Labor cost of using the system 
  • Management cost of using and working with the supplier 
  • Easy-to-read invoice and predictable charges 
  • Supplier’s history of successes 
  • When required, the cost of an architectural concrete finish 
  • Reliable, available deliveries 
  • Engineering support 
  • Easy-to-read erection drawing layouts 
  • Field service support when you need it the most 
  • Safe product design 
  • Reliable supplier financial stability  
  • Accurate counts for shipments and returns 
  • The passion of an employee-owned company 
  • Where was the product manufactured? 
  • Are you buying a copy or the real thing?  
  • Are you looking at the newest technology in the industry? 

Why Trust Anyone Else?

Our experts are ready to help you find the right forming and shoring solutions for your construction needs.


Why Trust Anyone Else but EFCO