We are a team of 1200 strong.

EFCO Corp. specializes in Quality manufacturing, Innovative designing, engineering, drafting, and providing support for construction projects all over the globe. Our team’s passion lies in providing best-in-class Super Service with Integrity to those responsible for the construction of our world’s concrete structures by providing the Lowest In-Place Concrete Costs (LIPCC). Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Des Moines, Iowa along with our main manufacturing facility. We have been successfully operating for 90 years with locations in 14 countries worldwide.

EFCO Manufacturing Plant


Innovative, high quality forming products are manufactured at the site of EFCO’s home office in Des Moines, Iowa. This manufacturing technology stands out from competing systems in the market, especially in safety. EFCO’s current products will cover your forming and shoring equipment requirements for concrete construction.

EFCO Designing, Engineering & Drafting

Designing, Engineering & Drafting

Our technical drawings accurately depict all components of the shoring and forming systems. These easy-to-understand blueprints serve as helpful resources, giving a clear view of real-life applications.

EFCO Concrete Construction & Forming Institute

Construction Support

All of our forming and shoring systems are intentionally designed for easy assembly and progression throughout the project. This improves both the safety and productivity of your team. Thanks to efficient, easy-to-use formwork, we offer the lowest in-place concrete cost in the industry.

EFCO Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Logistics facilities strategically located all over the world, EFCO’s innovative formwork solutions provides opportunities for easy ordering and shipping direct to the jobsite.

Our highly efficient distribution team is available to ensure equipment and support is provided quickly – for whatever your project needs may be.


What we do comes second to who we do it for and why we do it.

We take pride in partnering with contractors who build structures which provide society with a place to live, shop, be entertained, supply clean water, energy, manufacturing, education, worship. Each member of the EFCO team takes ownership of every bridge, stadium, high rise, treatment facility and power plant in which we are a partner. To us, it’s not just about the people and their tools that shape the concrete; it’s the resulting structures that shape the world.


EFCO has operations in 14 countries worldwide.

Servicing all of Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and Latin America. EFCO’s Corporate Headquarters resides in its birthplace of Des Moines, Iowa, which is home also to the largest manufacturing facility dedicated to the fabrication of forming and shoring equipment in the Western hemisphere.


In 1934, W.A. Jennings started the Economy Forms Company

Economy Forms Company was incorporated in 1936, doing business today as EFCO Corp. An engineer by trade with an entrepreneurial gift, W.A. surrounded himself with others who carried the same passion for engineered solutions. During the 1950’s, this powerhouse team recruited W.A.’s three sons, Ralph, Al, and Don to bring their talents to the business. During the 1960’s, Ralph entered sales and set the stage for EFCO’s growth with a contract to provide special formwork for 1200 Minuteman Missile Silos that would dot the Midwest and Great Plaines. Al led manufacturing and the fabrication of those special forms for Peter Kiewit’s silo project. Don Jennings cut his teeth in the family business working on one of the Minuteman Missile sites his older brothers sold and manufactured. The success of the Minute Man Silo project led to the design and development of the EFCO PLATE GIRDER, EFCO’s flagship concrete forming panel; Ralph Jennings is credited with the patent. The PLATE GIRDER panel blazed a trail of opportunity for EFCO to develop the civil market as it exists today in North America. Through the decades, the EFCO team evolved into what it is today, now led by fourth generation great grandson, Scott Walter. Scott’s philosophy is simple: stick to the basics, employ the best, treat the customer fair, and remember where we came from.


Scott Walter, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director.
Scott has been with the Company since 2008 and in his current position since 2020.  He is responsible for the strategic direction of the Company and oversees the management of manufacturing, sales, distribution, and finance.  While with the Company he has held positions in manufacturing and information technology.

Ryan Loecher, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary – Treasurer. Ryan has been with the Company since 2002 and in his current position since 2010.  He is responsible for the finance, tax, treasury, human resources, information technology, and credit and collections function of the Company.  While with the Company he has held several positions within the finance function.

Jon Freeman, Senior Vice President Manufacturing and Supply Chain.
Jon joined the company in October 2023. He has held Executive Team positions for over 20 years in private and public companies in the building materials, glass, and automotive industries – leading global manufacturing and supply chain teams. Jon enjoys the relentless pursuit of Operational Excellence with a team focused on Continuous Improvement in Safety, Quality, Service, Cost, and cash.

Jim Johnson P.E., Vice President, Chief Engineer.
Jim has been with the company since 1987 and in his current position since August of 2022. He is responsible for all engineering matters at EFCO. Jim has held several positions within the company in his 35 plus years, starting in the Washington DC District Office. 

Ronnie Dacre, Senior Vice President of International Sales & Service.
Ronnie has been with the Company since 1995 and in his current position since 2016.  He is responsible for the Company international sales and service function as well as distribution.  While with the Company he has held several positions within various levels of sales management.

Larry BudnikSenior Vice President, North America Sales & Service.
Larry has been with the company since 2005 and in his current position since 2023. He is responsible for the company’s North American sales, service, and distribution functions. While with the Company, he has held various positions within sales and service at the territory, district, and regional levels.

Cliff Plymesser, P.E., Vice President of Marketing, Products & Services.
Cliff has been with the Company since 2005 and in his current position since 2023. He is responsible for the Marketing, E-commerce, CRM, and Learning and Development departments. He has held engineering and sales management positions during his tenure with the Company.


Quality, Innovation, Integrity, Super Service

These are EFCO’s Core Values and they are integral to our company’s culture. At EFCO, our core values are at the very heart of who we are and what we believe. By holding to these values, our behaviors are shaped as we seek to act in ways that are consistent with their meaning. Our Core Values represent both the manner in which we expect to interact and do business with our customers as well as describe a very high standard of professional behavior that all EFCO team members must seek to achieve.

  • QUALITY – We are driven to deliver the highest level of quality and performance not just in our products, but in everything we do. We take pride in delivering superior concrete solutions and we do it right the first time.
  • INNOVATION – We think and work creatively to bring forward transformative ideas, solutions, and products. We pride ourselves on developing and implementing superior solutions for our customers and the concrete construction industry.
  • INTEGRITY – We work with our customers, employees and shareholders with honesty, trust, mutual respect, and the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct.   We treat our customers with the same level of concern and respect that we wish to receive in return.​
  • SUPER SERVICE – We deliver products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We focus on the customer’s challenges and deliver on our commitments, on time, complete, every time.