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Infrastructure Keeps Us Moving 

Constructed high above the forest floor is the new Bermúdez bridge. This new bridge is part of Colombia’s Par Vial Alto de Daza infrastructure project in Colombia and is 160 meters (about 525 feet) long. This bridge will impact over 600,000 people in the region.  

Connecting Communities

Improvements to infrastructure are crucial to any community, and the Bermúdez bridge is no different. The bridge spans the Bermúdez River between the municipality of Chachagüí and the city of Pasto, connecting major cities, the Antonio Nariño Airport, and even serving as a connecting point between Colombia and Ecuador.  

The Infrastructure Plan 

First Stage of Bridge Construction

This bridge construction is the first stage of the Par Vial Alto de Daza infrastructure project carried out by INVÍAS (The National Institute of Roads). The project was initially put on hold in 2015 due to lack of funding but was revitalized due to its importance to infrastructure in the region. They chose to carry out the project to optimize road performance and improve service and road safety, which translates into reducing transport operation costs and increased efficiency. 

Safe Infrastructure 

Re-design for a Safety Focused Bridge 

With safety at the forefront of the bridge construction project, the new design has fewer curves. This safety-focused strategy is to help reduce the accident rate that often occurred on the previous road. By re-designing how the road functions with the terrain, travel time will be reduced, and commercial activity and economic reactivation will flourish in the area. 

A Global Leader for Engineering Services 

Bridge Engineering Solutions 

When Sonacol S.A.S., the contractor who constructed this bridge, was looking for a formwork solution, they thought of EFCO’s committed team that has always delivered exceptional solutions.


We have worked with EFCO on other projects that have been successful. It is a company with extensive experience, and they have always provided us with excellent bridge engineering solutions with good service and support.

– Ing. Eduardo Urbina
Sonacol Project Coordinator

Pier Caps and Girder Bridges

A Safe, Durable, and Cost-Effective Solution

Sonacol S.A.S. chose a safe, durable, and cost-effective solution provided by EFCO to construct the bridge caps. Using the EFCO PLATE GIRDER system, the SONACOL crew assembled the cap formwork safely on the ground and then lifted it into place with the crane. Once cast with concrete and left in place for the predetermined length of time, the formwork assembly was cycled to the next pier. With all deck support structures in place, the EFCO solution was ready to accept the steel girders that span the length of the bridge and the deck that will finish the design.

Cast-In-Place Concrete Bridge Deck Slabs 

Efficient Formwork Construction Methods 

EFCO provided support equipment for casting concrete bridge deck slabs, including SA-80 overhang brackets for exterior cantilevered deck, and Z-BEAM and E-BEAM for internal areas. The “New Jersey” style protection barriers were formed with EFCO’s handset HAND-E-FORM formwork system. After this positive experience, Sonacol S.A.S. is also excited to work with EFCO on future projects.

The concrete construction assistance provided by EFCO on the job site and the quick responses from their engineering and distribution teams helped us achieve our goals on this project. We look forward to working with them on future projects because we are confident of their professionalism and expertise in infrastructure projects.

–  Ing. Mario Rodríguez
Sonacol Project Engineer

Construction that Builds Dreams 

EFCO is proud to participate in projects that bring about our higher purpose of helping build dreams and transforming the lives of communities. We accompany our customers in the development of innovative practices to realize project goals. Our partnerships enable us to deliver outstanding client solutions all over the globe. 

EFCO Formwork for Bridge Columns and Bridge Caps | SUPER PLATE GIRDER
EFCO Formwork for Bridge Columns and Bridge Caps | SUPER PLATE GIRDER
EFCO Formwork for Bridge Columns and Bridge Caps | SUPER PLATE GIRDER
Bermúdez Bridge | Colombia
Bermúdez Bridge | Colombia
Bermúdez Bridge | Colombia
Bermúdez Bridge
Bermúdez Bridge | Colombia
Bermúdez Bridge
Bermúdez Bridge | Colombia
Bermúdez Bridge
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