HAND-E-FORM® for Straight Walls

HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
  • EFCO Spreader Tie and Spreader Tie Pin

    The EFCO Spreader Tie acts as a tie, keeping the formwork together during the pour, and as a spreader to hold the two sides apart to ensure the exact wall thickness required. The Spreader Tie has a recommended maximum safe working load of 4,800 lb and an ultimate load capacity of 9,600 lb. The EFCO Spreader Tie Pin locks spreader ties and aligns form panels. This connection fastens the spreader tie directly to the form panel, eliminating the need for walers. Only one Spreader Tie Pin is required, versus the two wedge pins needed in other systems.

  • EFCO Aligner Clamp

    The simple cam-action EFCO Aligner Clamp makes it easy to place aligners. The aligner clamp clamps down with a positive cam-action, pulling and holding the aligner tightly against the panels. Standard EFCO Aligner Clamps are available for 2 x 4 wood aligners.

  • EFCO Plate Clamps

    The EFCO Plate Clamp is used to hold the forms together. It has a dowel pin that goes through the flange holes to align the panels and the jaw comes down to lock them together. This is a fast and efficient one-piece connection.

  • Pipe Brace and Pipe Brace Shoe

    Aligning the top edge of the set-up is very important and is easily accomplished with a diagonal adjustable pipe brace or turnbuckle. Attach the pipe brace to a vertical flange form joint or turnbuckle to horizontally align. The spacing of braces or turnbuckles will vary with job conditions.

  • EFCO Scaffold Bracket and Post

    The EFCO Scaffold Bracket quickly attaches to most any vertical flange of an EFCO HAND-E-FORM set-up with the use of spreader tie pins.

Versatile Handset Forming System

EFCO’s handset concrete forming solution is HAND-E-FORM®. The EFCO HAND-E-FORM system is the most versatile handset forming system on the market today. Used in over 25 countries all over the world, cost-conscious contractors are quickly realizing the benefits of this forming system and its best value and lowest in-place concrete cost features. The real cost of forming concrete is the cost of the forms plus the cost of using.

General Concrete Construction Applications

The EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system is a low cost, easy to use, and supplied for general-purpose concrete construction. Available in both Imperial and Metric Dimensions, EFCO’s all-steel HAND-E-FORM  panels include design features that cannot be duplicated by any other material. The innovative design features of the HAND-E-FORM system offer forming efficiencies that save you time and money. These offerings will give you the competitive edge on your next project:

  • Straight walls
  • Round tanks
  • Foundations
  • Cut up areas
  • Abutments
  • Walls with brick seat offsets
  • Tunnels
  • Culverts
  • Columns


Ease of Use

The simple mechanics of the HAND-E-FORM® system enables construction crews to quickly learn how to assemble and cycle the equipment. HAND-E-FORM panels are lightweight and conveniently sized. Even the largest panel can be set and stripped with one crew member.

Other benefits include:

  • Lower material costs
  • No wood walers required
  • Reduced number of ties with greater tie spacing
  • One worker can efficiently erect forms
  • Single joint finish
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Straight Walls
HAND-E-FORM Box Culvert
HAND-E-FORM Box Culvert
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Lower Material Costs

All-steel EFCO HAND-E-FORMS cannot be matched for durability. Hundreds of re-uses will continue to produce a smooth concrete finish with no refacing charges.

No Wood Walers Required

Only single wood or steel tube aligners—never double.

Reduced Pour Time

1,200 lb/ft² (57 kPa) is achieved with a 2′ x 2’ (600 mm x 600 mm) tie spacing and 600 lb/ft2 (28 kPa) with a 2′ x 4′ (600 mm x 1200 mm) spacing.

Forms Can Be Erected By One Person

The buddy system is eliminated. This reduces inefficiencies when one worker is standing around waiting for another to return.

Lightweight Formwork

Only 6 lb/ft² (29 kg/m²), includes a panel with steel alloy face sheet, steel stiffeners, and side flanges all welded together to set in one piece.

Reduce Wood Fill

HAND-E-FORM can be stepped to the nearest inch for varying conditions with the holes in the side flanges punched at 1″ (25 mm) centers.

Reduce Concrete Finishing Costs

HAND-E-FORM provides a “single” tight joint with no offset, producing a dimensionally accurate, smooth finish concrete.


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