Safe and efficient concrete forming and shoring equipment allow your team to bring the project vision to life. We work to find a solution to fit the needs of any project. Our formwork, dedicated field service support, and highly engineered drawings are just a few of the reasons we have become one of the leading choices for concrete formwork worldwide. You dream it, we will provide solutions for you to form it and live it!

EFCO Field Support Team

Dedicated EFCO Support

With second-to-none field service support in the concrete forming industry, you will always have an expert available to help stage equipment and explain assembly. Your engineer, field supervisor and plant manager will be available as your point-of-contact for the duration of your project.

EFCO Engineering - Hard Hat

Engineered Formwork Drawings

Our technical drawings accurately depict all components of the shoring and forming systems. These easy-to-understand blueprints serve as helpful resources, giving a clear view of real-life applications.

EFCO Formwork - Safety Focused Team

Safety Focused Team

All of our forming and shoring systems are intentionally designed for easy assembly and progression throughout the project. This improves both the safety and productivity of your team. Thanks to efficient, easy-to-use formwork, we offer the lowest in-place concrete cost in the industry.

EFCO Training Institute Building

EFCO Concrete Construction and Forming Institute

Since EFCO opened the doors to the Concrete Construction and Forming Institute in 2002, we’ve had over 5,600 people from over 900 companies make their way through our state-of-the-art education and training facility. This includes working with our customers to demonstrate how to effectively and safely use our products and providing hands-on learning for your team.  We have the facilities to demonstrate how our products are made and how they are used in the field.

Formwork and Shoring Equipment

Learn about our wide range of versatile formwork and shoring equipment ready to meet contractors’ needs in any concrete construction application.

EFCO Bridge Formwork
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Formwork Solutions

Partner with EFCO to choose the best formwork for your projects. Find forming solutions from handset formwork to hydraulically lifted self-climbing formwork and everything in-between.

Shoring Icon - gold

Shoring Products

Our highly versatile shoring products are known for their simplicity & strength. Learn more about our shoring systems to support your project from start to finish. 

tall structure under construction
Mulatos Tunnel - Bolombolo, Antioquia, Colombia
Anschutz Health Sciences Building Univeristy of Colorado - Aurora, Colorado
Axion Refinery Plant - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Newark Liberty International Airport (Terminal One Redevelopment)
Newark, New Jersey
University of Kansas all-weather Practice Facility - Lawrence, Kansas
Salmon Farm - Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Hinkley C - Southwest, United Kingdom
Bridge over the Ariari River - Puerto Lleras, Meta, Colombia
Box Culverts to Divert Water: East Beltway Project - Council Bluffs, IA
CSO #30 Wet Weather Storage Tank - Scranton, Pennsylvania
178 Hillside (8 story midrise) - Queens Village, New York
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Supporting Concrete Projects

Our formwork and shoring systems are used in a variety of concrete construction projects throughout the world. Take a look at some of our previous work.


The choice of EFCO as a supplier was motivated because they managed to solve the need to have the minimum number of construction joints for this large water tank, the EFCO solution of large formwork assemblies was the option that allowed me to speed up the work as I have never done before. I found innovative the EFCO Rugged Tie with its tapered body that eliminated the need of placing and later removing the PVC sleeve. This together with the EFCO Rubber Plug eased the repair of the tie holes. Plus, the concrete finish resulted from using the EFCO forms was something that we really liked. I would definitely use EFCO for my next project.

Drinkable water plant in Cartagena, Colombia

César Guerrero

Project Manager

Movicon S.A, Cartagena, Colombia


The EFCO E-Z DECK® system was easy to learn and the tables held up very well over numerous pours throughout the job. Our slabs had excellent quality control and once we found our rhythm, we experienced great production throughout the typical slabs of our office structure.

EFCO and BRASSFIELD & GORRIE Parking garage in Memphis

Jia Chong

Assistant Project Manager

Brasfield & Gorrie


Once the system was together on a typical floor, the manpower needed to form and cycle was much less than any other system I have used in the past.

FLY & FORM using Cunningham Parking Garage System

Jimmy Whitley

Project Superintendent

Fly & Form Structures, Inc in Nashville, Tennessee


We decided to use the EFCO jump system because of limited availability of cranage due to the steel frame contractor’s program  running parallel to the RC works. The EFCO jump required fewer lifts than other manual jump systems, allowing us to share the crane and still achieve our six-day cycle. It would have been difficult to achieve this particular project using another system without changing to a hydraulic jump due to its hybrid design.

EFCO with Realtime Civil Engineering

David Moloney

Project Manager

Realtime Civil Engineering, Ltd. located in London, England


EFCO people are the formwork experts. That is why we come to you for solutions.

Bridges & Highways

Brad Nelson

General Superintendent

CW Matthews


The E-Z DECK® system stands out from the other shoring systems. The solution developed by EFCO, allowed us to support the spans of the slabs with the use of connectors to the Z-BEAMS® and E-Z DECK® tables that supported the beams. This was supremely efficient because we were able to avoid the need to assemble the tables under the slab vanes. With a smaller amount of equipment, we propped the entire slab, achieving a great separation of posts, and significantly increasing our productivity. That is why we continue to work with EFCO to build the other filter, grinding and electrical room buildings on this project.

Mill Filter in Plant of Corona and Cementos Molins - Abtioquia, Colombia

Jhim Peñaranda

Project Engineer

Daza Ingeniería in Antioquia, Colombia


The E-Z DECK® system is very easy to assemble, to be the first experience of the workers with the system, they quickly understood the assembly process with the training provided by the field service supervisor. After that the shoring assembly was very safe and productive. The EFCO engineers showed great dedication and detail in the design and calculation of the solution. We were very satisfied with the technical solutions of EFCO.

Single-chamber silo in Antioquia, Colombia

Juan Carlos Guerrero

Project Manager

Cymade in Antioquia, Colombia


EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER® system that we chose, with evaluation from the EFCO sales team, has proven to be an excellent fit for the MSCAA Glycol Management project. The sales staff, field service, and the warehouse support has been outstanding. EFCO’s onsite training was very beneficial and made for cost-productive erection of the PLATE GIRDER® system on this bridge pier project. Campbell & Ford Construction, Inc. will most definitely use the EFCO team on future projects as everyone: sales, engineering, field service, and shipping have been excellent to work with on this project as well as others.

EFCO and Campbell & Ford Project in Memphis

Michael Campbell


Campbell & Ford Construction in Memphis, Tennessee


EFCO’s formwork allowed us to easily strip and cycle the entire pier cap set-up directly to the next pier stem in a single day with minimal labor.

EFCO Formwork E&B Paving

Travis Collard


E & B Paving in Jackson County, Indiana


We chose EFCO forms because of the complexity of the structure and reliability and safety of the formwork. We knew that EFCO formwork would meet our challenges.

EFCO Formwork at Granite Construction in Dallas TX

Nick Weinmann


Granite Construction in Houston, Texas

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“Once the system was together on a typical floor, the manpower needed to form and cycle was much less than any other system I have used in the past.”

Jimmy Whitley

Project Superintendent

Fly & Form Structures, Inc in Nashville, Tennessee




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