• Plate Girder
    Heavy-duty, self-spanning forming system Ideal for bridge, stadium, marine, power plant, and high-rise concrete construction

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  • Redi-Radius
    Heavy-duty adjustable radius forming system - Can adjust to any radius without additional pieces, parts or angles

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    The complete lightweight forming system - Reduce your crane size and costs while increasing productivity

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  • E-Z DECK
    Decking and shoring system - Made with engineered efficiency, simple mechanics, and amazing flexibility

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    Multi-purpose handset shoring system - Single-post handset shoring system for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs

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E-Z Shore Post Has 16 to 28 kip Capacity

Little Rock, Arkansas

Construction of New Office BuildingEZ-COMHR-FA18-CRAIN-MEMPHIS-1
EFCO E-Z DECK® shoring earned an opportunity to step in to help Crain Concrete Construction develop a solution for the Bank of the Ozarks new office headquarters. A tight timeline to deliver the parking garage prior to the construction of the office building meant that EFCO needed to design, engineer and deliver in short order. Engineering tackled the challenge of an intricate beam and slab geometry to design a shoring system that would cycle efficiently, while field service used operations worksheets with Crain’s foreman to set crew sizes for efficient cycling. EFCO’s team, along with the Crain team, worked in unison to meet the schedule to produce a great-looking structure while working safely and efficiently.

Over half of the 150+ interior bent caps poured on the project utilized the hinge soffit design.

El Paso, Texas

When completed, the Boarder West Expressway will provide an alternate route for I-10 on the west side of El Paso near the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) and will address needed improvements to safely guide the region’s growth and development. The $500 million project, which broke ground in spring of 2015, is a joint venture with J.D. Abrams, L.P. and Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.



E-Z DECK = Simple Mechanics

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

EZ-INCIV-SU18-JEKS-MALAYSIA-9 (web)The new Volkswagen Group Regional Center for aftermarket auto parts is being built in the Port Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) free trade area in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Shoring Needed for Deck
JEKS Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is the contractor for this project. The warehouse measuring approximately 1,140,000 ft2 (106,000 m2) will be mainly constructed using precast components including hollow core slabs, columns, beams, walls, dock levelers, planks, and staircases. However, shoring was required for the massive 150,700 ft2 (14,000 m2) cast-in-place deck for parking located on top of the warehouse, 85′ (26 m) above ground level.

Increase in productivity
EFCO supplied JEKS with 66,750 ft2 (6,200 m2) of EFCO E-Z DECK® for the construction of the parking area. Divided into nine “pour zones,” the largest of the areas at 16,700 ft2 (1,550 m2), averaged 7 to 10 days to complete one cycle. Unfamiliar at the beginning of the project with the E-Z DECK system, the JEKS crew quickly mastered the assembly and cycling processes and have increased their productivity. Over the course of the project, some zones changed dimensions requiring the crew to convert table arrangements of the E-Z DECK on the fly.

More Efficient Power Technology

The supercritical coal-fired power plant in Mauban, Quezon, Philippines under San Buenaventura Power, Ltd. Co. (SBPL), is a partnership between Meralco PowerGen Corp. (MGen) and New Growth BV, a subsidiary of the Electricity Generating Public Co., Ltd. or EGCO Group of Thailand. The power plant is said to be the first in the country to use state-of-the-art technology, which is more efficient than all other existing coal plants in the Philippines. The power plant will play a crucial role as electricity demand grows, especially in Luzon, which accounts for 70% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Contractor: FSPhil CorporationEBSS-OILEN-SP18-FSPHIL-PHILIPPINES-4

Location: Mauban, Quezon, Philippines
Application: Oil & Energy
EFCO Equipment Used: E-BEAM and SUPER STUD

Project Personnel
Suk Ho Kang, President
Roselle Garcia, Vice President
Beom Sik Choi, Project Manager
Kun Hwang Kim, Construction Manager
Jeffrey Hong Sr., Quantity Surveyor
Yong Bum Lee Sr., Estimating Engineer
Jesus Ray Quirimit, Procurement Manager

EFCO Project Personnel
Joel Torio, EFCO Sr. Territory Manager
Ferdinand Castro, EFCO Field Supervisor
Caruso Pandes, EFCO Engineer

Unique Application – Hartford, Connecticut

Kenny Obayashi JV challenged EFCO to provide a rollback system on an inside radius application. Using the EFCO REDI-RADIUS® system mounted to EFCO’s GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM (GRS) frames provided the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs on the South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel.

EFCO engineers designed a solution that included two 12′ (3,600 mm) REDI-RADIUS forms mounted on three GRS frames to create 24′ (7.2 m) long gang forms. Custom GRS shoes were designed with a bevel to allow the outer frames to be parallel to the center frame that was using the standard GRS shoe. In addition, EFCO Combination Bias Corners and Reverse Bias Corners were installed between gangs and oriented so every other gang could be rolled back for cleaning first, then the other gangs could be rolled back immediately after. Forms were then rolled forward in reverse order.

No Ties: A Requirement
Project requirements also demanded the system be a tieless 74′ (22.6 m) diameter compression form x 10′ (3 m) tall placement. The contractor completed the 80′ deep shaft and shipped the forms back while they excavated another 100′ (30.5 m) down. At that point, the contractor requested EFCO’s assistance to reconfigure the forms to the next diameter of

Waller Creek Park, Austin Texas

The Waller Creek Conservancy and the City of Austin, through a Public Private Partnership (P3), awarded Zachry Construction Corporation the Waller Creek Park project as the Construction Manager at Risk
(CMAR). The project includes the restoration of Waller Creek from Waterloo Park to Lady Bird Lake. The project revitalizes and restores this area by creating a chain of parks and connecting the community with a pedestrian infrastructure of creek crossings, sidewalks and overlooks.  Zachry will perform pre-construction services and eventually oversee all construction activities.