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Published since 1951 FORM MARKS is for and about the people in the business of concrete construction. Learn about interesting construction facts and view examples of our most recent projects and products. Hear from our customers on how they are able to be more productive with our safe and efficient formwork solutions.

From the Ground Up

CONSTRUCTION GLOBALIZATION – IT’S ALL AROUND US!  Globalization – it’s a term frequently used to explain how consumers’ demand for new products; and manufacturers’ need for new markets, has resulted in many brands becoming household names on every continent and in cities around the world. It’s a fact that the logos of Starbucks Coffee, and Apple Computer

What is Shoring?

When I was asked to write an article about re-shoring, I had a flashback to my college days. As a freshman and sophomore, I took (and passed!) four quarters of calculus. The next series of math courses required a new book, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems. It was the most complicated textbook I


Innovation EFCO is dedicated to identifying the needs of contractors worldwide by developing and supplying innovative, high-quality concrete forming solutions. As EFCO continues to move forward and develop new and improved ways to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry, we have partnered with Nox-Crete, an industry leader in the development and supply of concrete


EFCO offers more than formwork. In addition to EFCO’s products, application engineering is presented with forming and shoring erection drawings and jobsite field service to guide our customers safely while on the construction site.

At EFCO our team members are our most valuable assets. We share this ideology with our customers and the direct impact they have on the business.

EFCO demonstrates our commitment to safety with an Awards Program. Each winner receives a personalized plaque and appears in FORM MARKS Magazine.