La Florida, Santiago, Chile

Construction of Highrises
The new Icalma Project located in the southeast part of Santiago, Chile, includes the construction of four residential apartment towers.

The construction started with the D Tower that will have 21 floors plus two underground levels with an area of 9,635 ft² (895 m²) per floor. Each floor will have 12 apartments ranging from 334 ft² to 872 ft2 (31 m² to 81 m²) each with one, two and three bedrooms.

PRO 4 and E-Z DECK for Shoring
As a long-time user of EFCO systems, once again EBCO S.A. chose EFCO PRO 4® for support of the simple-height slab due to the simplicity and speed in its assembly.

For the high slabs in the access hall, the tanks and the ramps, the contractor chose EFCO’s E-Z DECK® due to its versatility and safety.

Perimeter Safety
To safeguard the crew, EBCO S.A. chose EFCO’s POWER SHIELD®. It is a protection system that surrounds the perimeter of a building while under construction, creating an efficient and safe working environment. EBCO is EFCO’s first customer in Chile to use this innovative system. EFCO provided 29 screens of different dimensions. Eighteen screens were anchored to the slabs, another nine to the blank walls, and two exterior screens called “lookouts” were used for bundling and transporting the equipment. EFCO also provided special on-site training for the crew where they learned how to assemble, install and operate the POWER SHIELD system. ◊

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