An Invitation to All Concrete Construction Professionals!

The EFCO Concrete Construction and Forming Institute is open and ready for you and your crew! This facility is designed to promote learning in all areas of concrete construction: formwork, shoring, pro-active safety, concrete mixes, additives and pressures, and innovative technologies and techniques.

Personalized training can be designed to meet your specific needs. Most importantly, this is an educational experience designed to help you and your team produce the lowest in-place concrete cost for your projects.

Hands-On Training

EFCO’s Forming & Shoring Institute

The Institute is a place where EFCO pulls together concrete technology, engineering knowledge and experience, research & development (R&D), and also provides opportunities for hands-on training for our customers and employees to assemble and cycle EFCO forming and shoring equipment.

Construction Hall

A full-scale demonstration bay complete with an overhead bridge crane. Construction Hall is dedicated to forming and shoring education in a climate-controlled facility. Life-sized forming systems allow for hands-on experience in the set-up, cycling and stripping of formwork and shoring equipment. Once you step into Construction Hall, you will feel as though you are stepping on to an actual jobsite.

EFCO's Concrete Construction and Forming Institute

EFCO Hands On Training

Eighty Plus Years of Experience

Cutting-Edge Technology

EFCO has been on the cutting-edge of technology since day one. From the early adoption of computer data processing and computer-aided drafting (AutoCAD), to interactive 3-D modeling and state-of-the-art inventor software. EFCO’s team of professional engineers (P.E.s) take their academic university training and added 80 years of their predecessors’ EFCO experiences together to benefit our customers and the world.

Sharing Knowledge

Years of Success

Continuous years of success have given EFCO opportunities to invest in greater efficiency through Research & Development (R&D). This provides solutions in product delivery, engineering, and field service which are unmatched in the industry. Like an engineer says, “First make a statement of the problem and then follow up with the opportunities for solutions.” The EFCO Institute has been built to share this found knowledge and experience with our customers and our team members.

EFCO Hands On Training

EFCO Concrete Construction and Forming Institute

Designed For You

Concrete Pressure and Formwork

If you have an interest in showing new and productive 21st century chemical concrete plasticizer additives for concrete construction, you must see the video, “A Practical Guide to Concrete Pressure and Formwork.” You can view this video on the EFCO Corp YouTube Channel.