General purpose release agent

With built-in steel formwork protectant


  • Must be applied using standard spray equipment. 
  • Must be applied between each pour by the contractor. 
  • Application rate for steel should be 1,200 – 1,500 sf/gallon (30-37.5m2/L) when forms are smooth and clean.  
  • Application rate for absorbent surfaces, including plywood, is 600-800 sf/gal. (15-20 sm/L).  
  • Bonds chemically to the working faces of steel forms, producing a water-resistant film that protects from corrosion between concrete pours for up to 2 weeks.  
  • Has a protective film that provides crisp, clean release and prevents the accumulation of concrete buildup. 
  • Can be stored at temperatures below freezing.  
  • Has low odor and VOC < 250 grams per liter.  
  • Uses a conventional application methods. Spray application recommended.
  • Is VOC compliant in all states except the California SCAQMD district. 

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