Highway 401 Expansion

EFCO Formwork & Shoring for Infrastructure

West Corridor Constructors (WCC) was awarded the design build of the Highway 401 project. WWC is an all-Canadian, fully integrated team comprised of Aecon Infrastructure Management Inc. (Aecon), Parsons Inc. (Parsons), and Amico Infrastructures Inc. (Amico). The project involves the widening and reconstruction of approximately 11.2 miles (18 km) of Highway 401 from east of the Credit River in Mississauga to west of Regional Road 25 in Milton.

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Infrastructure Construction Planning

EFCO supplied WWC with formwork and shoring to various areas of the 18 km expansion. EFCO supplied equipment included the PLATE GIRDER® and Round Column® forms to create the Bullnose piers, the ADJUST-A-DECK® forms to support various pier caps and the E-Z DECK® shoring system to support the formwork for the concrete slab deck.

Steel Girder Forms For Concrete Walls

EFCO supplied six sets of the PLATE GIRDER and Round Column formwork to shape the Bullnose piers that have a max height of 8.5 m. EFCO’s high-strength alloy steel formwork is fixture built, maintaining dimensional accuracy and providing excellent panel joint alignment. This eliminates offsets and minimizes grout leakage. EFCO’s forms also produce amazing high-quality concrete finishes. EFCO’s form face plates run clear to the edge of every form panel, so you only get a single sharp line marking the form joint in the concrete.

Support For Pier Cap Formwork

The EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK frame, used with E-BEAM joists and contractor supplied plywood, acted as a work platform and supported the formwork for various pier caps. The ADJUST-A-DECK frame was supported by column mounted EFCO Support Brackets.

Shoring Supplies

The EFCO E-Z DECK system was selected for the rigid frame support 15.276 m wide x 75.960 m long x 5.7 m high. EFCO’s E-Z DECK system is designed to dramatically reduce labor costs and shorten construction cycle times. Modular units were assembled on the ground and lifted into place. The shore framing components are aluminum with the advantage of hollow tube fast thread plated steel screw jacks. Each shoring post has a capacity up to 28 kips and can be spaced anywhere from 4′ x 4′ to 10′ x 10′ and rectangular modules in between. Using all the standard components, the E-Z DECK system has amazing versatility. ◊

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Infrastructure Construction | Bullnose Pier Formwork
EFCO PLATE GIRDER and Round Column formwork
Infrastructure Construction | Bullnose Pier Formwork
EFCO PLATE GIRDER and Round Column formwork
Infrastructure Construction | Shoring | Shoring Posts
EFCO’s E-Z DECK Shoring System