Building Perimeter Protection System


For high-rise building construction, EFCO has developed its POWER SHIELD™ building perimeter protection system for a safer work environment. The EFCO POWER SHIELD is a multi-purpose protection system that surrounds the perimeter of a high-rise building during construction. The system is designed to provide wind and weather protection for construction workers while at the same time also protecting workers and pedestrians below from falling debris. Working closely with some of the most respected construction and construction management companies in the construction industry, EFCO identified needs and problems inherent with current methods and solved these with the innovative design of EFCO POWER SHIELD.

Multi-story Cocoon System – FORM MARKS Article (PDF)

Current industry requirements met with POWER SHIELD are:

  • Eliminate perimeter fall hazards to workers and material
  • Protect the public and surrounding buildings from falling construction material
  • Eliminate time lost from the construction schedule because of high wind conditions
  • Provide an environment for workers to feel as if they are “working on the ground” providing a safe feeling and increasing productivity
  • Protection from the natural elements: wind, rain, and snow
  • Self-climbing system that eliminates the need for a crane to move perimeter panels vertically from floor-to-floor
  • Reduce heat loss during winter months
  • Transmits sunlight for worker efficiency
  • Modular and adaptable to complex geometries
  • Covers multiple current construction floors

In addition to these requirements, EFCO’s POWER SHIELD system has these additional features:

  • The system can cover up to five complete floors taking the raising of the panels out of the critical path of the construction cycle.
  • POWER SHIELD is mounted closer to the deck edge reducing a critical space for debris to fall thru.
  • Allows for an all steel design reducing fire hazard and the elimination of dimensional lumber required on other systems. The all steel design also provides a more rigid system for the life of the project.
  • While the system allows for the use of a plywood sheeting, it also allows for an innovative use of a combination of synthetic mesh, corrugated light gauge steel, and clear polycarbonate panels to allow for the right amount of air, light, and protection at the appropriate floor levels.
  • In addition to the typical cantilever loading platforms to load material at various floors of the structure, EFCO has designed its loading platform to also accept and support a stair tower to allow for easy access from one floor to another.
  • Innovative design details to interface between adjacent gangs assemblies. Using a rubber gasket type material at the assembly edges allows adjacent panels to be completely closed while enabling the panels to slide adjacent to each other during the vertical cycling of the panels.


The EFCO POWER SHIELD has been fully tested, and is successfully being used on projects in Chicago and the United Kingdom. With good planning, the cost of the system may be recouped by eliminating costly accidents, lower insurance premiums and with perhaps the sale of advertising space especially in high profile locations.

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