Heavy-Duty Bridge Overhang System

Heavy-Duty Bracket Overhang System
  • Heavy Duty Bridge Overhang Bracket

    EFCO Heavy-Duty Bracket Assembly

    EFCO Heavy-Duty Bracket Assembly

  • Heavy Duty Bridge Overhang Bracket

    Assembly Legs/Scaffold Posts & Bracing

    Assembly Legs/Scaffold Posts & Bracing

  • Heavy Duty Bridge Overhang Bracket

    E-BEAM® Joists & Plywood Deck

    EFCO's E-BEAM is a galvanized steel beam with no wood nailing strip, designed as a structural member to support plywood in both wall and deck concrete forming applications. The E-BEAM is a construction beam that gives you maximum strength, durability and versatility at less weight and cost than aluminum beams. The steel design allows for less fasteners to be used when attaching plywood directly to the E-BEAM with screws or nails.

Heavy-Duty Bridge Overhang

It can be assembled safely on the ground 7′-6″ (2.3 m) top cord for forming wider bridge deck overhangs

An adjustable, collapsible C-Caddy to maneuver 3,500 lb (15.6 kN) sections

Ability to build gang sizes up to 20′ (6 m)

Two support options:
Either 12,000 lb (53 kN) ¾” (19 mm) hanger rods over or through the flange;
or a Web Mounted Shoe that allows for operations above suspended loads

EFCO’s System for Bridge Overhang

For bridge deck overhang forming there is a real opportunity for production efficiency. This opportunity equates to the reduction of man-hours due to challenging work conditions resulting in real savings. This new EFCO system can minimize the exposures from working high overhead, sometimes over water and traffic. Large projects require speed and efficiency in order to be profitable and, with today’s lower margins, reducing labor costs through productivity gains is the single largest opportunity to control the overall project costs.

HD Bridge Overhang Bracket

On the Ground Assembly

This system will win with the real savings coming in fewer man-hours in cycling the equipment between pours. Because EFCO’s new Heavy-Duty Bridge Overhang Bracket system is completely assembled on the ground in large gangs and then crane picked into place, a safer and more efficient working environment is created.

Gang sizes of up to 24′ (7200 mm) can be achieved with standard 24′ (7200 mm) long lightweight galvanized steel E-BEAMS®, and the crew can set and adjust the elevation from the topside.

Double the Capacity

  • A key to the system is the utilization of the EFCO E-BEAM® using EFCO Quick Bolts bolting (no clips or clamps to become loose over time) on the top cord of the overhang bracket. This enables the system to be placed as a large gang assembly, versus placing individual brackets.
  • An adjustable, collapsible C-Caddy is available to enable the system to be set and stripped in large 3,500lb (15.6 kN) sections.
  • 7′-6″ top cord for forming wider bridge deck over hangs.
  • Ability to handle a ¾” (19 mm) hanger rod with a capacity of 12,000 lb (53 kN) on steel girders, as well as concrete AASHTO beams and Bulb T beams. Higher capacity means fewer anchors and wider spacing between brackets.
  • C-Caddy folds for easy storage and shipping.

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