• Support Bracket for SUPER PLATE GIRDER

    Support Bracket

    With larger and longer spans comes larger support loads. EFCO has the support brackets and distribution beams to support loads of 500 kips (500,000 lbs) with standard leasable solutions.

  • Outside Angle Corners

    Outside Angle Corners

    Either fixed or hinged outside angle corners can be used to tailor the solutions to your preferred method of stripping and cycling the formwork.

  • Corner Bearing Blocks

    Corner Bearing Blocks

    The corner bearing block requires only four (4) 1 1/4 A325 Bolts and nuts to provide the largest moment carrying spanning formwork in the industry.

  • Accessories

    SUPER PLATE GIRDER® uses the same size accessories as PLATE GIRDER® and any existing inventory you may own will still be useable with SUPER PLATE GIRDER.

  • Patented Strengthening Beam

    Patented Strengthening Bar

    EFCO’s strengthening bar is what provides the additional spanning capacities over other self-spanning formwork systems.

  • Alloy Steel Face Sheet

    Alloy Steel Face Sheets

    Patented High strength 1/4" thick alloy steel face sheets and ribs are the just two of the reasons EFCO can provide some of the highest Pour Pressure Ratings in the industry.


Precision-built formwork panels providing excellent alignment of form joints, reducing finishing costs
Requires half the amount of labor to assemble than EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER
Has twice the moment capacity and pressure rating of PLATE GIRDER
Durable, high-strength, low-maintenance alloy steel construction
Self-spanning capability reduces the need for external supports

Bridge Construction Solutions

Bridges are getting longer, wider, and heavier. This construction is being supported with stronger concrete and stronger reinforcing steel, all weighing more. We continue to grow our industry-leading self-spanning capabilities with the introduction of EFCO’s new SUPER PLATE GIRDER® forming system. The SUPER PLATE GIRDER® has twice the spanning strength of EFCO’s original PLATE GIRDER® and is the new standard for large span applications.

EFCO’s Value in Concrete Construction projects

Due to increased efficiency and improved safety with the SUPER PLATE GIRDER® system, as well as all of EFCO’s formwork and shoring systems, EFCO is able to provide you the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs for any project.

What are the Benefits of the SUPER PLATE GIRDER®?

EFCO’s SUPER PLATE GIRDER builds upon the legacy of the classic EFCO PLATE GIRDER® features and benefits:

  • Durable high-strength alloy steel construction
  • Precision-built panels providing excellent alignment of form joints
  • Self-spanning capability to reduce the need for external supports
  • Large gang crane handling without the need for stiffbacks
  • Easily climb the form using the upturned leg of the rib when installing it horizontally for column and wall forming applications.
  • Modular design offers versatility and flexibility when combined with standard accessories
  • A minimum of twice the moment carrying capacity of classic PLATE GIRDER to form larger, longer spans without shoring to the ground
  • On average, it has two times the pour pressure rating of classic PLATE GIRDER so pour rates can be increased
  • Half the labor required to assemble the system compared to classic PLATE GIRDER with tension and compression beams

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