Single-Sided Wall Truss®

  • Single Sided Wall Turnbuckles


    Turnbuckles enable variable spacing between each frame.

  • Single-Sided Wall Jack


    Jacks designed for a 5° slope in any direction.

  • Single-Side Wall Gangs


    Gangs can be maneuvered in any direction between pours on four heavy duty steel swivel wheels.

  • Single Sided Wall Truss


    The knuckle is versatile so you can use 45° tie down anchors or a vertical tie down anchor system.

  • Flexible Knuckle Support

    Knuckle Support

    The knuckle support is slotted to enable the system to work with slightly misaligned anchors.

  • SUPER STUD on Single-Sided Wall


    SUPER STUD's can be bolted to the top of any frame to extend the height of the wall. The same “giant-erector set” versatility of SUPER STUD's can be used with the Single-Sided Wall Truss system to solve the most complicated concrete forming challenges.

EFCO’s System for Single-Sided Walls

This EFCO system works for both civil and commercial projects where walls are being placed right up against the property line or against excavated rock.

Benefits of using EFCO’s Single-Sided Wall Truss®

  • A tieless formwork solution with the system anchored to the slab.
  • Designed for 1,000 psf pour pressures at varied frame spacings depending upon height.
  • Four modular sized trusses can deliver up to 40′ tall walls to be poured.
  • Ability to add EFCO SUPER STUD® formwork on top for additional height requirements.
  • Engineered welded trusses provide labor savings during assembly.
  • Front and rear truss-based jacks provide 6″ of adjustment.
  • Swivel wheels provide the system with the ability to be maneuvered in any direction when cycling large gangs.

Adaptable Single-Sided Concrete Wall System

The EFCO Single-Sided Wall Truss (SSWT) system is a modular, stackable, and flexible system that can be used to pour walls up to 40′ tall in one-sided application.


  • Spacing between assemblies of trusses can typically range between 24″-48″ based on wall height and pour pressure requirements.
  • Various bracing options allow for numerous configurations.
  • Can use a 45° tie-down anchor system or front vertical and back horizontal support. The front anchor is either installed 45° to the horizontal or straight up and down (vertical). When the vertical anchor is used, a support bracket is needed to resolve the horizontal force.
  • Each frame can fit on a standard 8′ wide truck bed avoiding the need for wide load permits


  • The top frame is 12′ tall with (3) additional 8′ frames that can be bolted below for a 36′ tall set-up. Add a SUPER STUD® to the top of the frame and walls up to 40′ tall can be produced.


  • Accommodates any EFCO form system whether it be PLATE GIRDER®, EFCO LITE®, E-BEAM® and SUPER STUD, or even REDI-RADIUS®.
  • Truss frames are universally compatible with both Imperial and Metric EFCO equipment.
  • EFCO SUPER STUDS can be bolted to the top of the frame enabling even taller forming. This also enables the frame to be customized to any height.
  • Wheel accessories can be added to any gang assembly enabling fast cycling between pours as well as eliminating the need for a crane to cycle.
  • Turnbuckles enable variable spaces between frames depending on the height of the pour and the design pour pressure.
Single Sided Wall
Single Sided Wall
Single Sided Wall
Single Sided Wall
Single Sided Wall
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