• Telescoping Push-Pull Pipe Brace

    The EFCO Telescoping Push-Pull Pipe Brace allows easy alignment and plumbing of the form set-up. The EFCO Pipe Brace Shoe is used to securely hold the set-up down and is designed to give easy access to the anchoring bolt.

  • Tie bearings

    Distribute the load to the super studs with a bolted connection, thus eliminating handling during the tie installation and removal. EFCO Rugged Taper Ties feature self-cleaning, rounded edge, quick release threads that resist damage and minimize maintenance between uses.

  • Top Yoke

    An EFCO Rugged Taper Tie at the base of the wall and a Top Yoke are all that are required to tie the form set-up on a 8'-0" tall wall. EFCO lifting eyes bolt directly onto the form and allow cycling of equipment by crane.

  • Bottom yokes

    Bottom yokes tie opposing panels and allow for the securing of bulkheads and soffits.

  • E-BEAM Endcap Tie Assembly

    The E-BEAM endcap Tie Assembly and coil rod can be used to connect the E-BEAM® & SUPER STUD wall gang to any of EFCO’S steel faced forms.

  • E-BEAM Ledger Beam

    The E-BEAM Ledger Beam connected to a SUPER STUD at the bottom of a wall gang helps to support contractor supplied plywood without the need of additional wood fillers.

  • Manual Retractable Stripping Corners

    EFCO’S Manual Retractable Stripping Corner provides a fast inside corner stripping relief for shaft and core construction.


The end plate moment connection on a SUPER STUD allows them to be bolted together into varying lengths

Maximizing tie spacing up to 48 ft2 (4.32 m2) per tie

A cost-effective system compared to expensive aluminum beams and wood joists

E-BEAMS bolt directly to SUPER STUDS with a one-bolt positive connection

A lightweight and versatile system

Stronger Corner Construction

A major advantage of using the E-BEAM & SUPER STUD system is the strength of the corners. Typically, the most time consuming and costly element of forming any structure will involve the corners. Any experienced crew can build an inside corner using lumber; however, they are generally not fabricated to be cycled along with the main wall forming gang panels.

The outside corners are a more complicated situation. Ties are located far apart, and it becomes more difficult to secure the formwork within the wall thickness requiring a sturdy form to span from the nearest tie to the outside corner. EFCO has designed both an inside and outside corner solution that provides strength and eliminates the risk of costly blow-out situations. Furthermore, the corner can be cycled with the wall gang.


E-BEAM Endcap & Combination Bias Corners (CBC)

These standard forms eliminate job-built fillers and/or take-up panels in the middle of the walls to easily form inside corners and pilasters.

Outside Corners

Strong outside corners are secured with the E-BEAM outside corner tie plate connecting two E-BEAM® & SUPER STUD® wall gangs.

Inside Corners

E-BEAM Endcap in combination with contractor-supplied 2 x 4 and plywood provides a second solution for inside corners. The E-BEAM Endcap is an ideal solution for assembling large gangs together forming a perfectly aligned joint.


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