E-BEAM® for Truss or Wall Forming


Construction Beam Applications

E-BEAM® is ideal for many construction beam applications like truss systems or wall forming systems. The E-BEAM® can also be used in combination with the EFCO SUPER STUD® and all other EFCO products.

Replace Lumbar with the E-BEAM®

The EFCO E-BEAMs® are an ideal replacement for lumber and are the economical choice for loose deck forming. This system does not require a wood nailer strip and plywood can be nailed directly to the lightweight steel E-BEAM. If a flat head, black, case hardened, or self-tapping screw is selected for the E-BEAM® connection, tapping into the EFCO steel E-BEAM® will normally hold substantially more than screws into a 2 x 2 wood nailer strip. The plywood to E-BEAM® connection will deliver a superior connection when compared to other systems and result in less labor and faster job progress.

Support Plywood in Wall and Deck Forming

The EFCO E-BEAM® is a galvanized steel beam designed as a structural member to support plywood in both wall and deck concrete forming applications. This construction beam gives you maximum strength, durability, and versatility at less weight and cost than aluminum.


Advantages of E-BEAM®

  • 1/3 the price of aluminum
  • 3.7 lb per foot
  • 6 1/2″ deep
  • No wood nailer required
  • Nail directly to E-BEAM
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