• EFCO Power Shield Sheeting Options

    Sheeting Options

    Four options are available for the covering the POWER SHIELD System. They include plywood, thin gauge corrugated steel sheets, or fabric (with or without logos or advertising printed on them).

  • EFCO Power Shield Mast


    Masts allow for quick cycling with lock offs at every one-foot increment. The lightweight size of the mast helps to keep gang weights to a minimum and provides up to 24' long gangs that cycle smoothly whether being picked by a crane or hydraulically lifted.

  • EFCO Mast Extension for Power Shield

    Mast Extension

    With the POWER SHIELD mast extension various story heights can be protected. The two different extension lengths mean that story heights of 8' to 15' can be covered. Along with varying story heights, multiple floors can be covered based on the needs of the project.

  • EFCO Power Shield Long and Short Beam

    Long or Short Beam

    The POWER SHIELD Long/Short Beam acts as a guard rail, completely protecting the upper most work deck while the shoring is erected.

  • EFCO Power Shield and E-BEAM Details


    EFCO’S E-BEAM is made of lightweight galvanized steel and uses no wood nailer strip. Screws are used to attach plywood sheeting or other materials to the steel E-BEAM. The E-BEAM bolts directly to the mast with the simple and easy-to-use EFCO Quick Bolt.

  • EFCO Power Shield Look Out Deck

    Cantilever Lookout Deck

    The lookout deck cantilevers out to make it possible for carts and equipment to be wheeled onto the deck and picked by a crane to the current work deck.

Protections System for High-Rise Building Construction

EFCO’s POWER SHIELD® is a multi-purpose protection system that surrounds the perimeter of a building while under construction. The system is designed to provide weather protection for construction workers while also protecting workers and pedestrians from falling debris. This protection provides the look and feel of working at ground level which will increase worker productivity while also providing marketing and advertising space.

Safe and Secure Working Environment

The POWER SHIELD® system can be crane lifted or lifted hydraulically with an EFCO supplied power unit and gives any worker a greater level of safety and security as if working at ground level. In addition to a safe environment, a contractor will experience higher productivity levels from a secured working environment. EFCO POWER SHIELD® creates an efficient, productive and safe working environment for mid and high-rise building construction.


  • Leading edge protection
  • Portable cycling equipment
  • Walkway around building perimeter
  • Component based for adaptability
  • Sheeting options
  • Ideal location for advertising opportunities
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The POWER SHIELD® system relies on a powerful hydraulic system to provide ample lifting capacity to cycle the equipment vertically. The hydraulic cycling equipment is on wheels and can roll quickly to the next lift. Hoses and cylinders travel with the cart for easy handling. Quickly eliminates costly crane time to cycle the system. The result is a robust and safe working combination that helps to increase concrete construction productivity and improve worker safety.

Exterior sheeting options vary depending on the requirements of the project. Any sheeting easily attaches to the EFCO E-BEAM®. Whether your requirements are for protection from wind, cold weather or to enhance worker productivity, there are a variety of sheeting options to meet your needs and budget. 

The EFCO POWER SHIELD® System has standard components to place any number of cantilever “lookout” platforms around the building perimeter. Lookout platforms can save time and money by providing easy crane access to equipment at each floor level with a nominal 8,000 lb capacity. Platforms can also be used in construction with access scaffolding to provide additional access/egress to the top floors.