Lightweight Steel Beam Construction Support

The SUPER STUD® is a lightweight steel beam that can be compared to an 8” double channel assembly but weighing less. This allows for larger form picks and reduces crane size requirements.


Precision End Plates

SUPER STUD® end plates are exactly perpendicular to the studs and precision-built making it possible to bolt studs end-to-end for use as continuous beams, columns, shores, walers, aligners, and studs. This bolted connection develops the full strength of SUPER STUD®. By carrying the end connection, the SUPER STUD® can be extended to almost any length.

How is the SUPER STUD® Used?

The hole spacing on the SUPER STUD® provides for a multitude of uses and connections while reducing costly on-site modifications.

Lateral Bracing

The vertical SUPER STUD® flange and web holes are available for lateral bracing connection on tall and slender shores.

Continuous Beams

When SUPER STUDS® are bolted end-to-end as a continuous beam using just four 3/4″ diameter EFCO QUICK BOLTS®, the bolted connection develops the full strength of the SUPER STUD®.

Walers & Stiffbacks

The SUPER STUD® makes an excellent form waler and/or aligner. It has been designed for easy connection to form panels. The spacing of the channels makes it easy to pass large concrete form ties between the channels and symmetrically load the SUPER STUDS. A standard SUPER STUD tie bearing is used to distribute heavy tie loadings to the channels.

One-Sided Forming

The modular benefit of the SUPER STUD® system is evident in projects such as foundations and excavations with one-sided forming requirements. The SUPER STUD compressive strength is ideal for the high diagonal bracing loads encountered in one-sided forming. The SUPER STUD system has a 45° intersection adapter designed for heavy, one-sided forming applications for intersection kickers, rakers and walers.


The SUPER STUD® and its standard leasable accessories combine to form shore tower configurations. When used in a tower configuration, the SUPER STUD®, has a working capacity up to 30K per leg assembly (120K per 4 leg tower).

Jumbo Form Carriers

Another configuration of the giant “erector set” concept is the Jumbo Form Carrier. The open center of the Jumbo Form Carrier allows access to front and rear.

Multiple Lift & Cantilever Forming

The lightweight SUPER STUD® serves as the stiffback member which, combined with scaffold hangers, adjusting screws and lifting brackets, produces a cantilever forming system. A cantilever system can be formed by stacking SUPER STUDS® for added strength. The thrust bolt is used for plumbing and alignment.

Facade Retention

SUPER STUD®’s high strength and versatility make it an ideal system for support of building faces and columns during renovation projects.

Rotating Screed

The EFCO SUPER STUD® Rotating Screed pivots at the bottom center and circles the top of cone-shaped tanks for easy forming of sewage treatment plants. The SUPER STUD® Rotating Screed adjusts to your radius and slope requirements. Concrete can be bucketed or pumped to the form hopper as the screed rotates around the center point of the tank.

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