Cunningham Parking Garage System®

  • EFCO Cunningham Shore Frames

    The 22 Kip shore frames swing below the hinge beam, eliminating the need to release top jacks and remove the Ledger Beams.

  • 3-Piece Beam Form Unit

    Is adjustable in both height and width. The side and soffit panels make up the three-piece beam unit with built in radius steel chamfer.

  • Column Capital

    Includes EFCO HAND-E-FORM® panels, Friction Collar, Column Entry Form, and Column Entry Support.

  • Deck Anchor Retainer

    Holds the deck panel in the poured position while the beam form is stripped and cycled.

  • Deck Panel Assemblies

    Plywood deck panels built with EFCO E-BEAM's can be moved in large 8'-0" sections in the full width of the bay, saving on labor costs.

  • Ledger Beam Bracket

    The Ledger Beam Bracket can bolt in different configurations to allow varying depth joists from 6 1/2" E-Beams to 20" truss joists.

Cunningham Parking Garage System Features

Easily accommodates a large variety of beam widths and depths
The deck panels cycle in large 8′ wide x variable bay widths
The system is cycled via crane or with forklifts and dollies
Provides an excellent concrete finish
Can be cycled in large gangs

Formwork with a Modular System

Get a better utilization of your formwork with the EFCO Cunningham Parking Garage System®. This system has stackable frames with a 22kip per leg capacity. Since the beam forms and shoring frames stay connected, this allows the system to support larger spans and deeper beams with less shoring and re-shoring time, reducing your labor costs.

Cunningham Parking Garage System

No Crane Necessary with the Cunningham System

Another exceptional feature of the EFCO Cunningham Parking Garage System® is that it can be moved from one pour to the next with forklifts and dollies—no need for a crane. This can reduce your labor costs drastically when compared to conventional forming methods.

Reduced Labor Costs

The EFCO Cunningham Hinge Beam Assembly has an innovative design that allows the shore frames to swing below the hinge beam, and the ledger bracket can bolt on in two positions: up or down. This eliminates the need to raise and lower tops jacks and remove the desk support beams which requires fewer workers and reduces your labor costs.

Adjustable Beam, Increased Savings

The EFCO Cunningham Parking Garage System® includes a three-piece adjustable beam form for primary concrete beams. This three-piece beam form quickly and easily adjusts to various depths. The Cunningham system accommodates:

  • Beam widths of 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and 24″
  • Beam depths of 30″, 32″, 34″, and 36″

This means big savings because you need only one system to cover all your jobs with varying beam depths and beam widths. Also, large quantities of components can be shipped efficiently, “full weighted truckload,” and stored efficiently. The three-piece design adds up to easier handling, easier cleaning and most importantly, versatility.

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