EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK - Elevated Deck Forming System
  • EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK Forming System

    Framing at Column Lines

    Method 1 - Use when runner to runner spacing exceeds plywood span.

  • EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK - Lapped Header

    Lapped Header

    The Lapped Headers are made of durable steel and easily adjust to deck widths of 6' to 31'. They bolt to the Runners and then E-BEAMS are easily bolted to them.

  • ADJUST-A-DECK Bearing & Stiffener Support

    Bearing and Stiffener Support

    Attach to the Runners and are positioned at the location of the Support Brackets when they are not in-line with rib to distribute large loads. Because they are movable they allow infinite possibilities of Support Bracket placement.

  • ADJUST-A-DECK Cycling Cart

    Cycling Cart

    Moves the decks out of the structure when the Support Bracket Roller is not engaged.

  • ADJUST-A-DECK - Winch


    The Winch is used to pull the deck out of the structure to allow the compensator to attach to the deck and cycle to the next floor. Capacity: 1.75 ton

  • ADJUST-A-DECK Support Bracket

    Support Brackets

    Attach to columns or walls and support the decks, eliminating the need for shoring. Support Brackets are equipped with Jacks and depending on the application, can also include rollers. The brackets offer flexible heights of 2" to 14" and offsetting distances from 5 1/2" to 11 1/2" at 70 kip and 13 1/2" or 15 1/2" at 50 kip.



    EFCO’s E-BEAM joist is made of lightweight galvanized steel and uses no wood nailer strip. Use either nails or screws to attach a sheet of plywood to the steel joist. The E-BEAM joist bolts directly to the Header with the simple and easy-to-use EFCO Quick Bolt.

  • ADJUST-A-DECK - Framing at Column Lines

    Framing at Column Lines

    Method 2 Use when plywood is able to span from runner to runner.

  • E-BEAM Shim

    E-BEAM Shims

    Are placed between the E-BEAMS and the Lapped Header and allow for pre-cambering.

Highrise Deck Forming Solutions

Eliminate your need for reshore. The EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK® system is a gang-built slab shoring system that delivers the gravity loads of an elevated concrete slab to the permanent vertical support system of the structure. By forming, supporting, and cycling large areas of concrete slab shoring with a single pick of a crane, reducing or possibly even eliminating the need for reshoring, ADJUST-A-DECK® system provides the lowest in-place concrete costs on your elevated floor slabs.

Complete Shoring Package

EFCO provides a complete shoring package that conforms to your project and can support clear span bay widths from 8′-0″ to beyond 30′-0″ of varied slab thickness. The EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK® system offers a full complement of accessories to aid in pre-camber, support brackets, installation, and cycling of the ganged shoring assemblies including a leasable compensator system to facilitate level picks. The ADJUST-A-DECK® system may be supplemented with EFCO E-Z DECK® and SUPER STUD® components to provide support at perimeters and mid-spans as necessary.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for reshore
  • Versatile, adjustable to project requirements
  • Quicker cycle times, reduced labor costs
  • Provides support at perimeters and mid-span as necessary
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The ADJUST-A-DECK system delivers on quicker cycle times and reduced labor and materials involved in the reshore of highrise and mid-rise structures. The full complement of accessories makes EFCO a one-stop supplier for all your project’s shoring needs. The EFCO ADJUST-A-DECK system is available for either sale or lease from EFCO locations worldwide. 

This gives you the ability to construct self-spanning, column-mounted decks. This allows for ultimate flexibility and reuse on your job site. The decks can be broken down to allow for external site issues like flying restrictions or avoiding obstacles, or geometric changes. ADJUST-A-DECK® Runners are available in 5′-4″, 8′-0″ and 16′-0″ lengths. When bolted end to end utilizing the Corner Bearing Block, the ADJUST-A-DECK runner delivers the amazing strength of steel and can be a self-spanning beam, eliminating shoring. The movable bearing stiffeners allow infinite placement of the support brackets.