EFCO DECK Gang Forming System
  • EFCO Deck Post Jack

    A tool used when posts need to be re-pinned to meet large offsets in grade after the beam and plywood are already in place.

  • Primary & Secondary Beam

    The Primary Beam is lightweight extruded aluminum. Available in three lengths: 4', 6', and 10' for very limited loads. Lightweight and versatile, the EFCO DECK Primary Beam allows you to form odd shapes and closures at columns, against walls, and around the slab perimeter. The Secondary Beam is made of high-strength lightweight galvanized steel with a durable plastic nailing strip. It spans between the Primary Beams.

  • Rail Post

    The Rail Post quickly clamps to provide edge protection with contractor supplied wood rails and toe boards.

  • Self-Healing Nailing Strip

    Made from recycled plastic. A 4' x 8' sheet of plywood nailed at the four corners will securely attach the sheet to the Secondary Beam.

  • Drop Head

    EFCO’S Drop Head attaches to both E-Z DECK® and EFCO DECK® shore posts. The Drop Head sits flush with the Primary and Secondary Beams allowing plywood to be install evenly.

  • 2 x 4 clamps

    Simple to use 2 x 4 clamps used with 2 x 4 lumber to provide lateral restraint and stability.

  • Load Release Pin

    The Load Release Pin relieves the load in the post, making it easier and quicker to remove and cycle.

  • EFCO deck Dead Blow Mallet

    Prevent costly charges due to equipment damages by using a EFCO's Dead Blow Mallet instead of a hammer.

Slab & Deck Shoring Solutions

The EFCO DECK® single post shoring system is a good solution to handle slab construction where flying tables are not practical or, in some cases, not allowed. All components are made of high-strength galvanized steel and aluminum. This provides a lightweight and durable system that requires little or no clean up between uses. With trained crews and pre-planning, the EFCO DECK® system can be the best solution with the lowest labor costs for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs.

Elevated Poured-in-Place Concrete

EFCO DECK® is a single-post handset shoring system for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs for 6’-6” to 15’ floor-to-ceiling heights and the following post lengths:

  • L1 Post Length: 6’-6” to 10’-0”
  • L2 Post Length: 7’-6” to 12’-0
  • L3 Post Length: 9’-0” to 15’-0”

Some of the benefits of EFCO DECK shoring system:

  • Larger work aisles for better access
  • 8’ spacing allows earlier removal of a larger percentage of your plywood
  • Fewer parts to handle
  • Less labor to assemble and strip
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Improper stripping and reshoring may cause sagging of partially cured concrete and development of possible cracks forming in later years. Inadequate size and spacing of restores may lead to a formwork collapse during construction, along with other damage. It is extremely important to work the layout of the formwork with engineers and contractors. EFCO’s skilled Engineering team delivers solutions for safe formwork support systems. This work includes project-specific form erection drawings.

EFCO DECK® is designed to match the worldwide standard imperial 4′ x 8′ (1220 mm x 2440 mm) dimensioned plywood; competitive metric systems do not. 6′ x 8′ (1830 mm x 2440 m) post spacing, 48 ft² (4.47 m²) per post.