E-Z DECK Gang Shoring System
  • U-Head

    The U-Head design allows quick attachment to deck gangs. The gang units can be lifted and cycled without tear down and reassembly.

  • E-Z DECK Jack Wrench

    The E-Z DECK Jack Wrench delivers the necessary release force to both arms of the wing nut simultaneously by pulling on one arm while pushing on the other arm.

  • Bracing Panel and E-Z Shore Post

    E-Z DECK panels are self squaring and use a hinged jaw to connect to the E-Z DECK posts. EFCO’s E-Z DECK Posts come in four lengths that connect end to end. They are lightweight and have a load rating up to 28 kips per leg capacity.


    E-BEAM EFCO’S E-BEAM joist is made of lightweight galvanized steel and does not use a wood nailer strip. Use either nails or screws to attach a sheet of plywood to the steel joist. The E-BEAM joist bolts directly to the Z-BEAM stringer with the simple and easy-to-use EFCO Quick Bolt with E-Nut. Z-BEAM The Z-BEAM stringer bolts to the U-Head to assist in gang and cantilever situations. It can bolt to the E-BEAM joist for gang applications and pre-building of decks to fly into place.

  • E-Z DECK Machine Bolt

    The EFCO Machine Bolt is used at the connection of end plates when stacking E-Z DECK posts.

  • Panel Clamp

    Provides superior strength and quick connection with only the use of a hammer to connect the panel and shore post.

  • Lifting Eyes

    The Lifting Eyes in combination with the Z-BEAM® stringer, allows for large modular pick movements from pour to pour.

  • Jack Washers

    EFCO synthetic washers are used to reduce the force required to release the wing nut. Jacks support up to 28 kips, depending upon setup.

  • Jack Retainer Clip

    One required per jack. The Jack Retainer Clip comes as a complete assembly to secure the screw jack to the shore leg.

  • Long and Short Jacks

    Slides into either end of the post to provide height adjustment from 5" to 38". Steel for durability; thin walled for lightweight and easy handling.

Flexibility in Shoring

Using all the standard components, the E-Z DECK system has amazing flexibility. Top the E-Z SHORE® and Z-BEAM® stringer with EFCO’s all-steel galvanized E-BEAM® to support a plywood deck. With the EFCO Z-BEAM serving as stringers and the E-BEAM as joists, they can both be extended beyond a supporting E-Z SHORE four or more legged module and cantilevered to support an even larger plywood deck. This gives real flexibility to easily fit almost all jobs and varying dimensions.

Shorten Cycle Time

EFCO’s E-Z DECK® system is designed to dramatically reduce labor costs and, at the same time, shorten construction cycle times. E-Z DECK modular units are assembled on the ground and tilted upright or mechanically lifted into place. The shore framing components are aluminum with the advantage of hollow tube fast thread plated steel screw jacks. Each shoring leg has a capacity up to 28 kips. Shoring legs can be spaced anywhere from 4’ x 4’ to 10’ x 10’ and rectangular modules in between. This all equals fewer shores, fewer panels, and overall a net fewer components. The result is less assembly and disassembly time and, even more importantly, larger module movements between pours. EFCO’s E-Z DECK offers engineered efficiency, simple mechanics, and amazing flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 28 kip nominal capacity per leg
  • Handset or crane cycled
  • All-steel E-BEAM and Z-BEAM joist and stringers
  • Versatile for a wide range of shoring loads and heights
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
E-Z DECK Gang Forming System
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