PRO 4®

PRO 4 Shoring System
  • Tripods

    Universal Tripods ease and simplify handset applications.

  • PRO4 Panel


    Panels are easily removed for access and replaced without moving posts.

  • PRO 4 Shoring System Jack


    All steel, thin wall jack provides the durability required at the right weight.

  • PRO 4 Posts

    Aluminum Post

    Aluminum post is light weight and provides unlimited options for assembly and layout.

  • PRO 4 Shoring System End Connections

    End Connection

    End connection allows quick assembly with just a hammer.

  • PRO 4 Shoring System - E-BEAMS

    E-BEAM DECK Joist

    E-BEAM deck joist is constructed of high-strength, durable galvanized steel. E-BEAMS are available in 600 mm increments, from 1200 mm to 7200 mm in length.

  • PRO 4 Shoring System - Z-BEAM

    Z-BEAM Stringer

    Z-BEAM stringer is constructed of durable high-strength, low alloy steel. The Z-BEAM is a stringer that is a complement to the E-BEAM. Not only is it much stronger with spanning and crushing characteristics, it also has a moment end connection, so when using two 19 mm Ø x 50 mm EFCO Quick Bolts to connect Z-BEAMS end-to-end, you can obtain a beam of any length with continual and consistent structural characteristics.

Concrete Slab & Deck Solutions

PRO 4® is EFCO’s state-of-the-art general-purpose handset and gang shoring system. This lightweight yet high-capacity system features the PRO 4, EFCO’s four metric ton per leg shoring post. The PRO 4 system includes PRO 4 shoring in combination with EFCO’s versatile E-BEAM® and Z-BEAM®. The PRO 4 system is a breakthrough in high-production gang decking and shoring.

Handset or Gang Decking Forming and Shoring

The PRO 4® system is different from other shoring systems. It is designed to be used both in the handset and in gang forming situations. Other shoring systems are designed first as handset systems and, in some situations, can be ganged. The PRO 4 system can be configured to the specific requirements of your project. PRO 4 lets you economically fabricate large deck panels to be used many times throughout a project.

Versatility in Single-Post Shoring

Components of the PRO 4 system offer unmatched versatility. The PRO 4 is designed to allow a series of posts to be connected together with E-Z Panels to become a strong, rigid tower assembly. The newly designed E-Z Lift allows the towers to be lowered onto the EFCO Crazy Wheel dollies and be rolled to the next location without requiring total system tear down. PRO 4 single-post adaptability allows economical shoring of the hard to get to areas of a project. The lightweight, high-strength Z-BEAM® stringer and E-BEAM® deck joist provide the strength to work as gang units as well as the ability to be easily manhandled when required for loosely formed areas.

PRO 4® Capacity

The PRO 4 system’s four metric ton per leg capacity results in shore spacing that will please all cost-conscious contractors, even on heavy decks. Because of PRO 4’s great versatility, loads can be tailored to fit for maximum economy. The results are improved accessibility through the shoring, fewer re-shores and reduced labor for installation and stripping.

PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
PRO 4 Shoring System
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