The following analysis may sound a little elementary but viewed as a metaphor from 30,000 feet, it describes a lot of things that have happened in our civilized developing world. This analysis includes building materials and even construction methods. As an example, some people do not know how to differentiate cement from  concrete.


The developments have been coming along rapidly and include, in just the last few decades, mixing concrete and delivery with pumps and tower cranes and now more recently, with EFCO’s self-climbing POWER TOWER forming system for highrise construction.

In addition to the construction process improvements with new equipment designs and inventions, concrete is used in almost every building constructed in the world today.

Architects, engineers and construction contractors

For decades, construction professionals the world over have continued to develop and build monumental structures using concrete. The science of concrete construction has developed rapidly, bringing together cement, sand, gravel aggregates and water to produce concrete. By adding steel reinforcing to the mix in many configurations for tensile strength and in recent years adding important chemical additives, we now have an incredible product used in almost all new construction projects around the world.


EFCO has and continues to play an important role in the successful use of reinforced concrete for construction. Amazingly, EFCO emerged from the depths of the Great Depression of the 30s in the small town of Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and now more than 80 years later, is still playing an important role.


EFCO’s role is to mold and shape concrete. We call it forming and supporting with shoring to deliver an owner’s and architect’s dreams and designs. When successful with good forming equipment, we call it architectural concrete, meaning the architect is pleased with the results.

The development in the design and building construction methods of professionals have many and vast changes. To be successful, one must consider, analyze and include the engineers, manufacturing and supply professionals, where appropriate, in the planning process. This is where EFCO presents and differentiates itself as a company with characteristics and attributes.


EFCO’s success is attributed to a team of highly motivated, knowledgeable and passionate employees worldwide; EFCO provides superior service on all fronts. Engineering, customer service, Field Service and experience to deliver the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs with one-of-a-kind labor saving EFCO products.

We are proud of our reputation as one of if not the most capable formwork and shoring suppliers in the industry for large and complex projects and highly engineered solutions. Distributed through a network of strategically positioned warehousing facilities, EFCO equipment is readily available to meet the demands and requirements of concrete construction projects worldwide.


Fueled with a “can do” attitude, and a “control our own destiny” strategy, EFCO began and remains today a vertically integrated company that removes the middleman from the sales equation. Part of this strategy includes continual reinvestment into the company, employees and facilities.

EFCO’s purpose has remained steadfast for generations and that is to constantly keep the interests of our customers, employees and stockholders always balanced.


We believe that we have a successful mantra at EFCO and that is our company creed of Listen-Discuss-Decide-Support. We believe in listening to the needs of our customers, discussing a solution, deciding on the best solution and with EFCO supporting the project with the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs that not only delivers a quality concrete finish but also exceeds project schedule requirements.

Commitment To Our Stockholders

Our commitment to our customers, employees and stockholders is evident in the work we do every day. We believe the proof is in projects we do and during each employee training and every customer visit to our training center, EFCO’s Concrete Construction and Forming Institute. Often times I have shared with construction professionals who visit, “We live in Iowa, the heartland of America. We do not have mountains to climb or oceans to swim in; it is just work, work, work. We have great universities for education and work together as a team with a good work ethic. Along with our great agricultural heritage, we produce value for the world.”

We Honor Our Parents

For the 80 years of EFCO successes, we honor our parents and our grandparents.As we move into a fourth generation of continuing family active participation in the EFCO business, we are even more grateful.

80 Years Of Teamwork

Along with the Jennings family, we honor the many families with two and three generations of dedicated performance and also employees who have more than 25 years of service. Congratulations for being part of a great team. There are also hundreds and even thousands of additional employees, past and present, who have also contributed their talents to our successes who we would have liked to mention in this editorial. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

It is all based on hard work with a passion to support the concrete construction industry with our core values: Q-I-I-S. Quality – Innovation – Integrity – Super Service

Al Jennings,

EFCO Chairman & CEO


A. L. Jennings
Chairman and CEO