Our World is Developing Fast & We Are All Part Of It

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As the world grows and develops, so goes concrete construction with innovation and inventions to improve concrete with new additives and better structural designs that use stronger reinforcing steel. In addition, one area of growing importance to the customers’ buying concrete products is the appearance of the finished product. This, of course, is highly dependent on the formwork chosen where a precision single-line form joint provides a much cleaner finish than a three-line embedded form joint.

Now, let’s think about the contractors’ required labor costs and potential savings to deliver a quality concrete product on time and ahead of schedule with some degree of certainty. With most projects requiring concrete forming and shoring equipment, when you must consider the total labor cost, which can be up to 80% of the cost, the forming equipment selection becomes a very important decision.


EFCO is an engineering company with 85 years of experience. We are a “team of highly qualified professional territory managers and engineers” dedicated to providing the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs for all our projects.

Our company’s founder, W. A. Jennings, four generations in the past, a civil engineer, rose out of the Great Depression looking for a need to fill and here we are today.

We at EFCO, employee-owned and vertically integrated, starting with our own engineering designs, manufacturing, strategically located warehouses with available equipment, engineered equipment application drawings and on-site field service support, offer a terrific combination for our customers.


We at EFCO are always on the move looking for new opportunities within our core competencies. Our company creed is to “listen, discuss, decide, and support” and this means listening to our customers and to our employees, discussing the best solution, deciding the best plan of action, and supporting that decision 100%.

In the past few years alone, this creed has delivered new forming and shoring solutions for our customers:

  • POWER TOWER® PT-100 (100,000 lb. lock-off support capacity and 90,000 lb. lift capacity)
  • EFCO POWER SHIELD® (perimeter edge protection for highrise construction)
  • SUPER PLATE GIRDER’s® (double the strength of the original PLATE GIRDER)
  • Single-sided Wall Truss (one-sided wall applications up to 40′)—a single-sided wall forming system
  • Hydraulic Retractable (Stripping) Corners (decreasing cycling time for corner and core applications)


We are celebrating the availability and use of our training center institute for our prospective customers, existing customers, and EFCO employees. With over 895 contractor company visitors from all over the world, this has been and continues to be a real value for customers to join with our EFCO engineers to evaluate opportunities and products to use and benefit from EFCO’s experienced territory managers and engineering knowledge.

The EFCO training center is located in Des Moines, Iowa, where we would be delighted to have you visit. As we tell construction company managers when they evaluate a trip to our institute, “Here in central Iowa and at the institute, we have no mountains to climb or oceans to swim; it’s just work, work, work!” So your trip will be worth the effort. As I work today to write this FORM MARKS editorial, it is snow, snow, snow! Oh well, don’t let that deter you, come anyway, it is gorgeous, a place with people who have a good work ethic and at EFCO, many work with a passion to be the best in the business.

To make arrangements for a visit, contact your local EFCO territory manager, the sales representative in your area. This FORM MARKS magazine we print three times each year is always available for reference. Thanks again.


A. L. Jennings
Chairman and CEO