EFCO’S Cantilever Wall Formwork System

EFCO’s Cantilever Wall System (CWS) is a standard product offered for lease. The design development capitalized on EFCO’s experience in dam construction, where one-sided wall pours are required. The large 10 ft (3 m) high slab pour on the project in the picture above presented the perfect opportunity to utilize a tieless, one-sided wall form system.


EFCO’s CWS incorporates a new reusable Unicorn Anchor® that secures the system to the wall and eliminates the cost of anchors usually “lost” when cast in the concrete. The EFCO Unicorn Anchor is installed by attaching it to the formwork before the first pour and each following pour. Once cast in the concrete, an anchor stud is attached to the internal threads of the Unicorn Anchor. The hanger beam portion of the jump frame with form roll-back is lowered onto the anchor stud and secured in place with a 1 ¼” (32 mm) Unicorn Bolt and plate assembly.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

The Cycling of the Cantilever Wall System (CWS)

This system is quickly and easily to the next system. Saving you time, increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

Step 1 – Roll the formwork back using the system’s integrated rollback system.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

Step 2 – Install another set of anchor studs in the Unicorn Anchor cast in the wall.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

Step 3 – Remove the anchor bolt and plate assembly from the frame below.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

Step 4 – Lift the frame and formwork together and lower it onto the anchor studs at the next level.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

The Cantilever Wall System is an Ideal Solution

Dam Construction, one-sided walls, shafts and multiple lift walls and mass concrete projects!

Getting Formwork Ready for the Next Pour

Once in place at the next level, the formwork is ready for cleaning, oiling, and final preparations for the next pour. The Unicorn Anchor that previously held the formwork below can now be removed and used again to pour higher up the structure. The CWS system uses a Unicorn Anchor Removal Tool and wrench to simplify anchor removal. After removal, the anchor is re-greased and installed on the formwork for casting into the next level.

Cantilever Wall Formwork System

One-Sided Formwork Cycling Vertically

EFCO’s system can handle the forming requirements of structures with walls that tilt forward and backward. The jack head on the rollback where the form is attached can tilt the formwork forward up to 45° and backward up to 15°.

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