HAND-E-FORM® for Curved or Circular Walls

HAND-E-FORM Curved Walls
  • HAND-E-FORM Flex Panel

    Flex Form Panel

    Flex Form Panel is set between the panels and the clamp. A vertical row of spreader ties is required on both sides of the flexible form panels.

  • HAND-E-FORM Face Sheet

    All-Steel Face Sheet

    The lightweight all-steel face sheet extends to the edge of the panel, giving you consistent concrete texture from one joint to another. This face sheet will produce steel-smooth concrete year after year. With proper care, you will never have to replace the face sheet of an EFCO steel form.

  • HAND-E-FORM Tie Bearings

    Tie Bearings

    The tie bearing in a HAND-E-FORM® panel is an integral part of the panel. It is designed to transfer the concrete load from the tie into the flanges and grill work of the panel. It is conveniently located to permit easy placement and removal of the Spreader Tie Pins. The locking device on the pin bearing is designed to lock the pin into position to hold it securely during the pouring operation.

  • HAND-E-FORM Flange Holes

    Holes in Flanges

    Holes in flange are placed every 1 inch to permit the panels to be clamped together in numerous staggered positions. All EFCO HAND-E-FORM® panels have holes in the flanges at 1" center-to-center around the perimeters for use by the various clamps and other accessories.

Handset Radius Formwork

Round tanks and curved walls are an excellent application for EFCO’s HAND-E-FORM® system. Standard HAND-E-FORM panels used with HAND-E-FORM flexible panels will form the required radius. The size of the standard panel will vary according to the radius and amount of chord allowed.

Easy-to-Use Forming System

The HAND-E-FORM® Forming System is easy to use and the most versatile handset forming system on the market. Inexperienced workers quickly learn the simple mechanics of this system. Unlike competitive systems, HAND-E-FORM panels are lightweight and conveniently sized, so even the largest panel can be set and stripped by just one worker.


  • Set and stripped with one worker
  • Versatile handset forming system
  • Easy to use
  • No wood walers required
  • Reduced number of ties with greater tie spacing
  • Single joint finish
HAND-E-FORM Curved Walls
HAND-E-FORM Curved Walls
HAND-E-FORM Curved Walls
HAND-E-FORM Curved Walls
HAND-E-FORM Curved Walls
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