EFCO LITE® Straight Wall Formwork

EFCO LITE Forming System
  • Z-RIBS

    Formed steel Z-RIBS at 9" c/c span the width of the panel and support the face plate. EFCO LITE Z-RIBS provide strength to the form face sheet. Literally designed in a “Z” shape, the rib is welded directly to the face sheet. The webs of the Z-RIBS are punched with bolt retainer holes to hold Quick Bolts when panels are being cycled. The Z-RIB holes can also be used to attach accessories, as an example, scaffolding. When the EFCO LITE panels are used with the Z-RIBS in the horizontal position, as an example, for column forms, turn the outstanding flange of the ribs leg up. This provides hand and foot holds for easy climbing using proper safety equipment.

  • Bottom Yokes

    EFCO's Bottom Yoke ties opposing panels and allows for the securing of bulkheads.

  • Combination Bias Corner (CBC)

    Inside corners and pilasters are easily formed using EFCO's Combination Bias Corner (CBC) form. This standard form eliminates job built fillers and or take-up panels in the middle of walls. For tight, enclosed situations such as inside cores, use the Reverse CBC in combination with the CBC to relieve a corner before cycling.

  • Corner Bearing Blocks

    Large setups of gang forms can be easily moved as a complete setup. The reinforced corner bearing blocks provide the strength and positive “fit up", adding to the system's structural strength and continuity of gang forms.

  • Grade Strips & Reveals

    Use EFCO's self-drilling screws for easy application and for attachments that remain secure.

  • Lifting Eyes

    Lifting Eyes bolt directly onto the form and allow cycling of equipment by crane.

  • Outside Angle Corners

    EFCO's Outside Angle Corner connects panels on outside corners.

  • Telescoping Push-Pull Pipe Brace

    The Telescoping Push-Pull Pipe Brace is use for easy alignment and plumbing the form setup. The EFCO Pipe Brace Shoe is used to securely hold the setup down and is designed to give easy access to the anchoring bolt.

  • EFCO Bolt & EFCO Quick Clamp

    Use the Quick Bolt or the Quick Clamp to quickly join and align vertical joints with its pin through a joint and flanges for excellent alignment of form panel joints.

  • EFCO Rugged Taper Ties

    The high capacity Rugged Taper Tie, with a 30,000 lb. per tie working load, you can use fewer ties per square foot of form surface. Each Rugged Taper Tie only has three parts to handle and fewer ties per square foot of concrete surface. This results in substantial labor savings with every tie placed and removed and fewer tie holes to fill and patch. In addition, the Rugged Taper Tie has no consumable parts.

  • Scaffold Brackets

    Attach to the form for quick installation. Used in conjunction with contractor's scaffold planks, handrails, and toe boards, they provide a safe work scaffold for easy access to form hardware and for pouring operations. Timber or Pipe handrails can be used.


    SUPER STUDS are the backbone of the EFCO LITE system, producing straight walls with multiple panels and can serve as a plumbing mast and alignment system. SUPER STUD Tie Bearings distribute the load to the SUPER STUDS.

  • Top Yokes

    A Top Yoke is all that is required to tie the top of the form set-up on a 10'-0" wall.


4 1/2″ (115 mm) deep formwork panel

Provides excellent panel joint alignment

Will withstand rugged gang-forming operations

Its all-steel facesheet produces a superb concrete finish

They are easily assembled into large gangs for high-production forming

It uses Combination Bias Corner (CBC) formwork to shape inside corners and pilasters

Lightweight Large Gang & High Wall Formwork

EFCO LITE® is the complete lightweight forming system. It is the lightweight answer to large gang and high wall projects.


Whatever the application, big or small, EFCO LITE is the lightweight forming system with heavy duty features. Typical applications include:

  • High-rise offices
  • Apartments
  • Basements
    • Foundation shafts
    • Shear walls
    • One sided wall forming
  • Sewage treatment plants
    • Large tanks with Y walls
    • Haunches
    • Divider Walls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Retaining Walls

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With 1,200lb per sq ft. pour pressure, EFCO LITE® allows for faster pours on high walls. It also reduces crane size and costs, while increasing productivity, as panels can be assembled into large gangs on the ground and then lifted into position.


The Quick Clamp is a one-piece assembly that automatically joins and aligns forming system joints including the Combination Bias Corner (CBC) and take up panels for the system. The EFCO Quick Clamp has a pin that projects through the adjoining form flanges to give shear strength in addition to clamping strength of the Clamp.


EFCO LITE forms use all EFCO accessories and are designed with heavy-duty flanges, making them compatible with other EFCO forming systems like EFCO PLATE GIRDER® and REDI-RADIUS®.


The all-steel construction of panels with an all-steel face sheet gives you a high-quality form that produces a superior flat concrete finish and, in most cases, can consistently deliver “as struck” concrete. Handle difficult corners and pilasters easily with EFCO Combination Bias Corners.

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