Fast Formwork Buildup, Setting, and Cycling

Madison, Alabama

Infrastructure Improvements Required

Huntsville, Alabama, is a vibrant and expanding community in Northern Alabama, two hours from Nashville, Tennessee. According to U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-2023 rankings, Huntsville is the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States. Recent population growth places demand for infrastructure improvements to support the city and its surrounding areas.

Wastewater to and From the Community

The Quarry Wastewater Treatment Plant is expanding their facility to accommodate the community’s increasing population. The expansion will increase the wastewater treatment plant’s capacity by 33% from its current rate of 12.0 million gallons per day (5 MLD). Mark Johnson Construction was awarded the bid for the project and chose EFCO to provide the lowest in-place concrete cost solution.

Fast Formwork Buildup, Setting, and Cycling

Maintain high speeds for setting and cycling formwork

The EFCO LITE® system was an ideal choice for this job. The contractor needed a reliable and straightforward solution that could provide a high-quality finish to the water-retaining structure. Weighing only 17 lb/ft2 (83 kg/m2), EFCO’s lightweight system enabled the contractor to use a smaller crane at the jobsite. The crew could fly large gangs, resulting in faster cycle times. EFCO’s system design had an advantageous tie layout, allowing only four taper ties to place the tall 27’ (8.2 m) walls. Additionally, the system’s 8′ (2400 mm) and 6′ (1800 mm) wide panels made placing the concrete easier and reaching the desired result. All benefits combined provided Mark Johnson Construction with the lowest in-place concrete costs compared to alternative forming methods.

Why Choose Anyone Else?

EFCO’s water and wastewater treatment formwork systems are the best in the business due to their superb finish, fewer ties, cycling in large gangs, and efficiently planned and developed layout. This formwork system minimizes the labor required for a first-class outcome.


I am happy with the speed of buildup and cycling. Having only four ties vertically really allows us to work efficiently, and we can maintain high speeds for setting and cycling formwork.

-Donald Steele, Owner/Project Manager
Mark Johnson Construction

Fast Formwork Buildup, Setting, and Cycling




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