About the Customer

Company: McLean Contracting

Project Location: Hertford, North Carolina

Formwork Specialist-Washington D.C.

Kevin Pyle, EFCO Territory Manager
Scott Norvell, EFCO Territory Manager
David Thibeau, EFCO Engineer


Project Requirements

Expansion & Fixed Bents | Bridge Construction

The substructure consisted of expansion and fixed bents of different lengths supported by 30″ x 30″ (750 mm x 750 mm) square piles.

Pivot Pier & Rest Piers For Support | Bridge Construction

A pivot pier and rest piers to support the swing span section of the new bridge.

Formwork Used



Project Overview

Old Swing Bridge

McLean Contracting is a local contractor with offices in Glen Burnie, Maryland and Chesapeake, Virginia. They were recently selected by NC DOT to replace the existing Perquimans River bridge, which is an old swing span bridge on US RT17 & NC37 in Hertford, North Carolina.

Customer Benefits

Easily Adjusted Bridge Piers

The PLATE GIRDER cap form was easily adjusted for length by adding or removing side and soffit formwork.

Stripping Formwork

The hinged soffit swung down, enabling the cap form to be removed in one pick.

Forming A Pivot Pier On A Bridge

The pivot pier is an irregular octagon block of concrete. To form this pier, McLean used EFCO’s E-BEAM® and SUPER STUD® formwork sitting on their floor props. This gives the ability to form the varying lengths of side forms and enables the ties to come through the formwork at varying angles.

Perquimans River Swing Bridge
Hertford, North Carolina
Perquimans River Swing Bridge
Hertford, North Carolina
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