Exceeding Production Goals with Self-Climbing Formwork

Denver, Colorado

Self-Climbing Formwork System

Just blocks from Coors Field, the 1900 Lawrence construction project is redefining the Denver skyline. Hensel Phelps, the general contractor for the new 33-floor office tower, partnered with EFCO to use EFCO’s POWER TOWER® PT-100 and PT-50 self-climbing systems along with EFCO PLATE GIRDER® wall forms to complete the 450’ (137 m) tall three-cell elevator core. Constructing it required over 8,000 yd3 (6,115 m3) of formed concrete.

POWER TOWER PT-100 system climbed the inside elevator core walls

POWER TOWER PT-100 and PT-50

To complete each cell, the POWER TOWER PT-100 system climbed the inside core walls, with the PT-50 climbing the exterior. Hensel Phelps was impressed with the quick cycle time—after each pour, the crew stripped and prepared the formwork to cycle again within four hours. When the system was ready, it completed its climb in 20 minutes.

POWER TOWER PT-50 Stays Ahead of Steel Work

EFCO’s POWER TOWER® PT-50 on the exterior of the core included 8’ (2.4 m) wide decks—a wet deck and two trailing decks. The trailing decks provided a workspace for other trades, like steelworkers, to install steel clips/knife plates to the previously cast embedded plates well ahead of the main steel erection operation.

POWER TOWER PT-100 system climbed the inside elevator core walls

POWER TOWER PT-100 system climbed the inside elevator core walls

POWER TOWER PT-100 Keeps the Core Clear

Hensel Phelps’ placing boom was mounted directly to the POWER TOWER PT-100 +1 deck, eliminating the need to place a boom tower down through the middle of the elevator core. Inside the cores, a stair tower and gantry crane for installing steel stairs and embeds were mounted to the bottom of the PT-100 system. The POWER TOWER PT-100’s six hydraulic lifters kept the elevator core shafts plumb, typically within 1/4″ (7 mm), ensuring a level and systematic climb.

Why Hensel Phelps Chose EFCO

After witnessing the successful completion of several projects by contractors in the area and learning of EFCO’s reputation for swift installation and efficient cycle times, Hensel Phelps chose to align with EFCO. One of the key contributors to the project’s success was the early involvement of EFCO’s innovative engineering team in the design phase, which allowed the recommendation of the best products for the project. Using EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER forms, POWER TOWER PT-100, and PT-50 self-climbing systems, Hensel Phelps exceeds formwork production goals by 25%.


Overall, the systems used played a critical role in this project’s success. The team’s ability to exceed production goals and complete a floor every five days is a testament to the strength and effectiveness of EFCO’s systems.

-Ryan Wood, Area Superintendent





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Hensel Phelps TEAM

Wally Baca, General Carpenter Foreman
Javier Baca, Carpenter Foreman
Jose Munoz, Carpenter Foreman
Dawson Cranmer, Field Engineer
Joey Harlin, Field Engineer
Ryan Wood, Area Superintendent
Nathan Blaskowski, Project Superintendent


Matt Bruce, Regional Field Service Supervisor
Dave Whipple, Field Service Consultant
Aaron Rickli, Senior Field Supervisor
John Zuluaga, Field Supervisor
Jesse Moehle, Engineer
Jill Provost, Engineer