Raising the Bar for Formwork Standards Using Rail Climbing System 

Denver, Colorado

17-story Building | Construction Using Formwork 

The FoundryLine, located in the Rino River North Art District of Denver, Colorado, is a 17-story multi-use building that marks the beginning of further development of the area. The structure has set a new formwork standard to satisfy the needs of the contractor and the local community. This inaugural structure marks the beginning of the addition of future construction in the district dedicated to bringing more people to the area. 

Apartment Building with Rocky Mountain View  

Developer McWhinney of Denver and Loveland, Colorado, promises residents various amenities, including stunning Rocky Mountain views from a rooftop pool, onsite parking, fobbed access control, 348 apartment homes, and 14,000 ft2 (1,300 m2) of retail and restaurant space. Additionally, a portion of the housing units will be designated for low-income individuals, making it affordable and accessible to everyone.  

Not only does this project provide much-needed housing to the Denver metropolitan area, but it also offers convenient access to Denver’s light rail system and the area’s flourishing arts and entertainment district.  

Cast-In-Place Concrete Formwork Solution 

Hensel Phelps Construction of Denver, Colorado, was awarded the construction bid for the FoundryLine project and sought the advice of EFCO for a cast-in-place concrete formwork solution for the core construction. Challenged with a severe labor shortage in Denver, the contractor needed a formwork system that could be managed by a smaller crew while maintaining a tight schedule.  

Cast-In-Place Concrete Formwork | Rail Climbing System

Cast-In-Place Concrete Formwork | Rail Climbing System

Quick Cycling Times & Superior Concrete Finish

The EFCO solution also needed to cycle quickly, provide a superior finish, and minimize labor costs. The EFCO GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM (GRS) was proposed to meet and exceed the expectations of the Hensel Phelps crew.  

Safe Cycling Using the Guided Rail System

EFCO’s GRS is a complete multi-level wall and core formwork system that climbs the wall on a pair of high-strength rails. The rails support the all-in-one form panel and working platform creating an incredibly safe environment when cycling the system.  

Why Trust Anyone Else?

EFCO’s GRS system provided a cost-effective solution to the project’s height requirements. This assembly and cycling process consequently decreased the crew size, cycle time, and finishing costs. The construction of the FoundryLine is considered a success and is a prime example of how raising formwork standards can lead to better construction projects worldwide. Why Trust Anyone Else? 

After looking at several different systems, it was clear that the EFCO GRS system was the best core formwork option. Choosing EFCO and using the GRS ensured that our crews could work safely and efficiently as the core formwork cycled above the decks. Couple that with the crew’s system familiarity from past projects and the ongoing support of the EFCO Engineering/Field Staff proved to be the right call for the project. EFCO will be in the mix on any of my future jobs, and I look forward to growing our relationship on the next project.

Ryan Jeske, Hensel Phelps Superintendent





Brady Cumming, Territory Manager
Aaron Rickli, Sr. Field Supervisor
Jill Provost, P.E. Engineer


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