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Grande Cache, AB

Rebuilding Aging Infrastructure

The Grande Cache Wastewater Treatment Facility, located in the Hamlet of Grande Cache, Alberta, is undergoing significant upgrades. This initiative is a response to the facility’s aged infrastructure, which has seen few improvements over the last few decades and is nearing the end of its functional design life. Western Municipal Contracting Ltd. was selected as the contractor to build two new wastewater tanks to replace the current aging tanks.

REDI-RADIUS as the Formwork of Choice

Western Municipal Contracting Ltd., located in St. Alberta, AB, excels in building concrete structures for municipal water and wastewater sectors. Renowned for quality, EFCO’s reliable, cost-effective REDI-RADIUS system is their formwork of choice. The design, quality, and adaptability of EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS can be easily shaped to any radius without any custom pieces and without any fine-tuning adjustments of turnbuckles. REDI-RADIUS has proven effective and efficient in Western Municipal projects involving round tanks, and EFCO’s engineering drawings and expert field service have been shown to significantly reduce the man-hours required on-site.

REDI-RADIUS Walls for Structural Precision

Western Municipal successfully constructed two tanks simultaneously, each measuring 24’-7” in diameter and 19’-4” in height. The construction was done in 120-degree sections, requiring three separate pours for each tank. Using REDI-RADIUS dowel panels at the specific height needed for the launder trough installation eliminated the need for expensive couplers. These panels easily connect with all other REDI-RADIUS panels and allow for the use of plywood to accommodate rebar penetrations. The REDI-RADIUS formwork was also used in a cantilevered setup on the curved wall to ensure no issues with water stops, as it prevents any interference with the ties at the foundation. Positioning the lowest tie 2’-4” above the form’s base avoids any disruption during water-stop installation.

On-Site Assistance and Product Availability

Field service played a critical role in the success of this project, with EFCO providing on-site support through regular visits by the field supervisor to this remote location. This support was crucial for properly setting up and managing the formwork systems, allowing for immediate resolution of any potential issues, which helped keep the project on schedule.

Additionally, having a stock of REDI-RADIUS formwork available at EFCO’s Airdrie location significantly reduced the risk of delays in delivering products to the jobsite and cut down on freight costs. This logistical benefit was key to maintaining project timelines and enabled the contractor to achieve the lowest in-place concrete cost.

Why Western Municipal Chose EFCO

Western Municipal Contracting chose EFCO to upgrade the Grande Cache Wastewater Treatment Facility due to EFCO’s successful track record on similar projects and the superiority of the REDI-RADIUS system. Western Municipal appreciated EFCO’s cost-effective, reliable, and adaptable formwork solutions. The REDI-RADIUS system streamlined the construction process, minimizing labor hours and costs. Additionally, EFCO provided essential on-site support and had readily available formwork inventory, which helped avoid project delays and extra freight costs. The wrap-around support and efficiency in handling large-scale projects made EFCO an obvious choice for Western Municipal Contracting.

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