Jericho Reservoir Project

North America Construction (1993) LTD., after being awarded the contract to build the new Jericho Reservoir in the Township of Langley, approached EFCO to discuss some formwork concepts for this uniquely designed reservoir.

Phase 1 of the project involves the construction of a dual cell, 5.4 MGal (20.6ML) reinforced concrete potable water reservoir, and a main valve control chamber. The reservoir is an above ground structure which will have a community park on the roof to allow the residents of the nearby communities to enjoy the space.

Jericho Reservoir - Township of Langley, BC, Canada

Unique Challenge

The real challenge is to form the 30′ (9 m) tall exterior walls which tilt 5 degrees inward. Further complexity was added by installing 9′-7 3/16″ (2.9 m) wide form liners to almost the full wall height that do not allow for tie penetrations.

EFCO’s Answer To Challenge

In comes EFCO’s all-steel PLATE GIRDER® system to the rescue. By using EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER with varying heights, as well as a specially designed tie panel, the contractor was able to span across the form liners and transfer the 9′-7 3/16″ (2.9 m) wide x 30′ (9 m) tall load to ties installed on the sides of the liner. This site-specific modular design kept the tie spacing to a very specific location that complemented the architectural finish requirement. Straight walls were poured without intersecting integrated walls which meant a shoring solution also had to be provided to support the freshly poured tilted walls.

EFCO is very proud to work with contractors such as North America Construction on unique and challenging projects like the Jericho Reservoir. Dream it, build it, form it!

Jericho Reservoir - Township of Langley, BC, Canada
Jericho Reservoir - Township of Langley, BC, Canada
Jericho Reservoir - Township of Langley, BC, Canada
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